STOLEN DOG! FWD: One of my walkers just bumped into the owner and he is desperate for help. He was stolen from outside of a bodega on classon and prospect in Crown Heights by a younger, petite, African American woman about 10 minutes ago (3:30ish), MON JULY 3, 2017. The dogs name is Bo and he is half King Charles and half cocker. DOG IS WHITE & ORANGE His owner's name is Jack Thank you SmartSelectImage_2017-07-03-20-20-39


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  • Whenever I see a cute small dog tied up outside a Bodega or grocery store I wait for a bit to see if the owner comes out and if they do I tell them how risky it is. I'm often tempted to leave my dog tied outside while I run errands but there are too many stories like this.
  • I warn owners all the time and usually they roll their eyes and think im being dramatic. Its beyond upsetting because they dont want to hear or absorb how dangerous and utterly stupid it is. They ignore the insane danger they are putting their dog in. I always stand and wait with a tied up dog until the owner returns. It isnt worth the risk..never ever ...this dog owner and countless others have learned that lesson, but the only ones that pay are the defenseless animals, often used as bait dogs after stolen. Its heartbreaking. Please share this dogs photo everywhere because we have video footage of girl stealing dog. Owner is happy to not press charges as long as dog is returned unharmed asap. Need tonfind dog..last seen prospect place betw classon & franklin.
  • Can we/ have you posted pictures of the thief around the neighborhood? I live off classon and would be wiling to help. And yeah I get a lot of "whatever" looks when I talk to dog owners about leaving them tied alone. Sometimes thiefs wait to see if a reward is offered ...
  • Must have been a really slow news day yesterday as this was on Channel 4 news at 11 last night.
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    @pragmaticguy ...Yes, we are desperately needing news media to get the word out as BO could be anywhere at this point after being STOLEN and he desperately needs heart medication. His owner is devastated. If you happen to be able to find the link to the NBC story, I would super appreciate if you could attach it here for me please, so we can continue to share every way possible. And if anyone has media contacts they could ask to cover the story asap, we'd be super appreciative of that as well. Again, there is full surveillance video of the girl stealing him from where he was tied in front of bodega @ Classon Ave & Prospect Pl, and owner is more than happy to not pursue charges and/or pay reward if BO is simply returned unharmed ASAP so he can receive his medication and be taken to vet for needed care. Please...all sharing and all help would be a lifesaver, literally! Thank you.
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    And, if anyone is willing to print & plaster the nabe with much-needed additional bright yellow posters so folks see them from every possible direction they might be walking, that would be incredibly appreciated as well.
  • Folks...There has been a potential sighting of this stolen dog being walked by someone in the vicinity of St Johns Pl/Albany ave/New York Ave/Lincoln Pl/Sterling Pl.....Please keep your eyes peeled for Bo (male). If you spot a dog that could be him, if possible & safe to do, please take photos of dog & walker from afar, try to ascertain gender of spotted dog, see if you notice the walker and dog coming/going from a particular address..any potentialsightings & info would be a blessing. Any leads please call immediately at 917.521.9816 or pm me here and i will get the info to the owner. Thank you. lost_pet_1-500x500
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