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An Italian Market is coming to 835 Nostrand, at President

This is formerly the location of VIP bar, but Tony (a local proprietor) is now confirmed to be opening an Italian market.      South of EP on Nostrand, right near the subway stop.



Here's our jabbering about the location as we figured out what it was going to become:

Olives, fresh bread, etc.   oh boy!


  • Talked to someone at Tony's pizzeria and it looks like this spot will open in about a month. He said they'd have sandwiches but also it'll be a market where you can buy items like cheese and bread.
  • Holy Jesus! This is bringing out my latent religious side...because this would be a miraculous store.
  • This place won't be a restaurant, so my regular methods of remote staulking won't work (DOH kitchen inspection requests, alcohol permits, etc).

    So, readers will need to watch construction and delivery of perishables to get a good opening date.

    Post what you learn...
  • Any news on this?
  • I pass by here about once a week...Usually on the weekends.   I have never seen any signs of activity.   It does seem like there is some other store fronts being worked on. 

    Bedstuy fish fry is open now.
  • I suspect the lack of work on the site relates to the approximately $22,000 the owner of the building owes the city in fines.

    The city eventually gets its act together to the degree that it will not issue new permits to businesses in such buildings.

    ...It may really suck to be Tony.
  • Any word on this place?
  • It seems work is happening inside most times I've looked.  The door on the side of the building is open on the weekends.   Doesn't seem close to opening however.   
  • I am interested in seeing if this place is able to open despite the building's paid fines.
  • Windows are revealed and saw some nice new shelving inside. Something's happening
  • Finally! Here's to hoping that usage of gourmet is appropriate, unlike all those delis.
  • I saw people setting up shelving inside yesterday. Curious how long until they are actually up and running. If this place truly is trying to be an Italian market, and has real prosciutto di parma, good dry pasta, and good canned tomatoes, I will be shopping there very often.
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    Here's how close it is to the subway. photo not by me. t
  • Merchandise was seen being delivered today. No word on whether they were "perishables"
  • It went to Tony's Market this morning. It's really disappointing. I expected a real italian grocery store, it's merely an *upscale* deli.
  • It was open? On a scale of 1-10, how disappointing? Did they have fresh mozzarella?
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    Can I buy salami? Note to readers: This will be the destination to Tuesday evening's dog walk
  • If 10 is the disappointment of Matrix 2&3, then this deli is 8. I briefly went through it, there is nothing more than what you can find in a typical upscale deli. I didn't see any fresh mozzarella but they were still unpacking things out.
  • Stopped in and spoke to them this morning. They are still sticking up and expect to have a grand opening in the next week or so. They have fresh bread, cheeses, meats and a good amount of stuff already, especially for the area.
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    And yes, you can buy salami.
  • Ok, Ms Whynot and I visited this evening. We can confirm that there is definitely an Italian theme to this place. They will have prepared Italian foods, and frozen ravioli is already available. The market is upscale, but has enough common things that it can appeal to the masses. Some empty shelf space left. Many Italian brands, but this is by no means Little Italy. Not sure it a major destination, but is good enough to file under Italian.
  • Fresh produce?
  • Will there be an olive bar?
  • Not all of the space is yet filled. However, I do not expect an olive bar. I do think mozzarella salad is likely, and am optimistic that we will get some prepared lasagna out of the deal. We may get chicken parm and and meatball submarine sandwiches and cold cuts. ...I don't think there is room for fresh produce.
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    I think the place is great. There is fresh mozzarella. There is a small olive bar. I had a roast beef sandwich, which was delicious. They have a lot of interestingly sourced jarred goods, breads, sauces, dry pastas. I hope they do well and keep bringing in good stuff.
  • One critique, they really should take those bottles of soda out of the front window.. This place has so much more to offer than your basic bodega, but you wouldn't know it from the front window.
  • From a Facebook group: "Couple excellent olive oils, KewPie mayo (not Italian but hard to find), cold grilled vegetables/antipasto, all the cheeses, white moustache yogurt, lard bread, fresh focaccia, Italian cookies, Baci -- thanks for the heads up, we're excited!"
  • Also Tony is a super rad dude and will accomodate requests. He wants to hear what you'd like in the store. He said he's filling it in slowly :)
  • A "super rad dude?" Does he drive a woody on his way to surf?
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