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Hustler on Nostrand Ave

Witnessed a man hustling someone yesterday out of who knows what (probably money as the same has happened to me!). The hustler always carries a black bodega grocery bag and will swerve into the path of oncoming pedestrians, spilling whatever half-opened container of liquid is in the bag as dramatically as possible, then immediately starts arguing about fault and compensation. When it happened to me (earlier this year), he told me it was a premium of liquor that costs more than $50 and asked to be compensated, and even made mention of of a gun as I walked back toward my apartment. In that instance, I knew I was being hustled and told him outright that I didn't believe him, but he mentioned a gun so I just played along gave him $40 because I was on my way from work and just wanted to go home. Well, it looks like he struck again yesterday at about 8 PM on the corner of Empire and Nostrand near the bus stop. The man looks to be in his mid-40's, dark complexion, probably at least 6ft (taller than me and I'm almost 6 ft), and is likely living somewhere along Nostrand Ave. Is this hustle news to anyone? Several locals seemed to look on yesterday and one even uttered "Should someone tell him?", so it seems like some people were already aware.


  • Yes, he has been discussed on the PLG Facebook group as well. ...same description.
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    Reportedly targets people using their phones, so his story of them bumping into him will seem credible to the extorted:
  • Yes, I was looking down at my phone when it happened to me, but I saw him walk into my path and assumed he tripped. He was scolding me about being on my phone, had a person with him as well.
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    Ran into this dude earlier this summer on Eastern Parkway around Bedford. Was walking with a group of friends and talking to them and he bumped into me and dropped his bag. He wanted cash but I didn't have any. We tried to walk away and he got really aggressive, but he didn't mention anything about a gun. Wasn't sure if I actually had bumped into him and felt kind of bad, but was also 90% sure it was a hustle. I told him so, repeatedly.

    All of us ended up walking to a liquor store about eight blocks away because I refused to just go to an ATM and give him cash. On the way there, a car slowed down and the dude in the car knew the guy and clearly knew what was up, because when we got to the liquor store, the car dude was waiting for us.

    On the walk I said to the guy, "Listen, I think you're hustling me but if I really did bump into you, I'm sorry because that sucks and I understand and feel bad," and he was like "Hey man, it's cool," and then when I finally bought him the bottle I said, "Here. But, let me say something: if you are just taking me across here, I hope you feel bad about it, because I'm trying to just have a good time and go to dinner with my friends and that's super shitty."

    That's when he informed me that he actually had TWO bottles in his bag and I should buy him a second one and I said, "Fuck you, you asshole," and we walked away.

    I sincerely hope I see him again, because I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. Unless someone here confirms that he has a gun. But I'm sure he doesn't, because he's just some shitbag hustler and doesn't actually want to shoot anyone.
  • The guy pulled this on me too, at Nostrand near Bergen. He was very aggressive and mean when I wouldn't give him any money for his broken bottle of "Hennessey." (My wife opened up his black bag and it was actually a Hennessey bottle filled up with pink stuff.)
  • Damn, how much cash/booze is this guy making per day? Everyone seems to have come in contact with his scams...
  • Same kinda guy but not aggressive approached my son claiming my son knocked his cell phone and broke it. I came out and chewed the guy out near 691 and 693 Nostrand . It is where I saw him hanging around a couple days later too wearing a white baseball cap looking to be about 55. maybe he lives there at 691.
  • this is something that I hope people communicate to our local neighborhood community cops.
  • Holy hell, now I really wish I had taken a photo or video of the interaction I witnessed, even though I am not keen on submitting a police report because I have neither the time nor the patience (I've done this before and it was very stressful, even as a witness!). If anyone is interested in filing a report, the incident I witnessed on Monday happened under the NYPD security cameras on Nostrand and Empire. I'm not sure if the anonymous tip line accepts tips on unreported crimes or not, but I would not recommend confronting this individual because there is no telling if he has a weapon. Quite sad that a man his age is still trying to hustle people for free alcohol!
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    This guy ran in to me last night as I was crossing Nostrand Ave and Park Place. I wasn't on my phone, I was just crossing the street when I passed him. Same description as above, 2 black plastic bags. He bumped into me subtly but I just kept walking because I thought it was an accident. 2 seconds later I heard him drop the bag with the glass in it and it's only because of this forum that it clicked automatically that this was the scam guy. He was a little delayed and I was walking fast anyway, but I heard him a good 10-15ft behind me saying "yo....yo...yo..." and I decided to just ignore him because I only had a few feet to go to a friends house on Park Place. I ignored him enough that I heard him mutter "is this guy wearing headphones??!" which made me laugh to myself as I walked up the stairs. He gave up and walked away. If I hadn't read about him here, I surely would have ended up a) feeling really bad and b) giving the dude some cash for what I would have thought was my mistake
  • police report, photo. You get hassled, call the police. Im sure he will reconsider the situation. Get his photo to post on flyers.
  • Tsarina, have you ever been mugged/hustled before? Do you realize how difficult and/or dangerous it would be to get a photo from someone like this? By all means, if you see this happening, please take a photo from a distance and try not to put yourself in harm's way, but considering this man made mention of the fact that he had a gun (!) I wasn't about to whip out my freaking phone and start snapping photos!
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    Wells Fargo reportedly has a far better routine and script than this guy
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