Le Gamin (556 Vanderbilt @ Dean) has become a Korean restaurant, Bop Sot — Brooklynian

Le Gamin (556 Vanderbilt @ Dean) has become a Korean restaurant, Bop Sot

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I believe Le Gamin is still open.

Bop Sot would serve beer, wine and liquor in the Le Gamin space, as well as in the backyard.

Please be advised that the SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee will meet on Monday, April 6, 2015 at 6:00 PM at CNR-The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, which is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).


  • hmm. sounds Korean (and possibly bibimbap?). did the Korean plan for the Pequena space move across the street, or will we have two Korean spots on the same block? a girl can dream... 
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    You are onto something with it sounding Korean. 

    Bopsot means "rice cooker" in Korean.

  • Le Gamin IS still open. Is it being re-made/remodeled as "Bop Sot'?

    Neither the customers nor the wait-staff there seem to know what plans are underway, but we have all seen the same group coming by to take measurements and discuss interior design--in Korean, presumably.

    It would be a shame if it changed a lot from what it is now. It's a great spot for quiet reading and writing. And the only place on Vanderbilt for French cuisine.
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    If the deal goes thru, Bop Sot would operate the space as their own.

    They have no relationship with the current owners of Le Gamin. As a result, the kitchen would have to be reinspected by DOH, and is likely to be remodeled.

    The waitstaff would be wise to digest the likely implications of those statements.
  • Wow, thanks for the update, whynot. You sound like you're really well informed. 

    I've just subscribed to the Brooklynian. Pardon my ignorance--how are you so well acquainted with the details of Bop Sot deal?
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    CB8 sends out an email re: applicants for alcohol licenses that are seeking its support.

    I then tap a network of friends and tipsters to see if they can fill in the details.

  • Good to know. Thanks again!
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    The entity purchased all of the assets of Le Gamin. A remodel will occur in the future.

    Young Lee Kim is the owner.
    He appeared tonight with his chef and his attorney.

    He is planning 38 indoor seats and 24 outdoor seats.

    There will be food. ...Korean food. There will be beer and wine.

    It would close by 11 PM, the rear yard would close by 10 PM.

    Committee supported same.
  • Pequena is also turning Korean so we will now have 2 options right across the street from each other. Maybe there will be a Kim Chee showdown.
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    I have yet to meet the future operator White Tiger, which will replace Pequena.

    But based on what I heard last night, I am putting my money on Young Lee Kim and Bop Sot.

    Mr Kim obtained control over Le Gamin at some sort of debtors auction, wherein the creditors of Le Gamin gained control of it and and then sold it while it was still in operation.

    http://www.kirkland.com/siteFiles/kirkexp/publications/2554/Document1/Acquiring Troubled Business.pdf

    This indicates to me that Mr. Kim is formidable.

    He also had his act together last night, owns some other restaurant somewhere, and appeared last might with an attorney and his chef.

    So, unless the owners of White Tiger are somehow equally formidable, I am betting on Mr Kim in this showdown.

  • Now, this I can support!
  • Thanks, whynot_31, for the updates to this thread. 

    Even though the deal is complete, the demise of Le Gamin on Vanderbilt is still a pity. To my knowledge, there are no other French bistro-cafes in the Pacific Heights neighborhood. In contrast, there are or will be not one, but several places serving Korean cuisine.
  • I am here to lament Le Gamin's French onion soup. Probably the best French onion soup I've ever had. There's still a Le Gamin in Greenpoint and worth the commute for the soup!
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    I believe Le Gamin remains open.

    I assume than until the contractors are ready to begin the remodel, Mr Kim will run a french restaurant.

  • "Pacific Heights neighborhood"? I pray the name dies much like ProCro. 
  • Oops, that was a brain lapse on my part. I live on Pacific Street, and I meant to say Prospect Heights.
  • Hah, yeah I was going to say... Prospect Heights is small enough without dividing it up further. 
  • Excitement is elevating.  This could be the most exciting opening since Chuko, and I think they will at the least syphon some Chuko dinner hopefuls who are put off by the wait time.

    These are the guys behind Bop Sot:

    Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.14.46 AM
  • bobjo.net if you want to discover further
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    FWIW, the guy on the top pretty closely resembles Mr Kim, and the guy underneath pretty closely resembles the aforementioned chef.
  • I am so upset! I'm a Le Gamin regular - love their crepes, their limone chaud, their salads.....so much there is good. Really bummed to learn this.

    Now if only one of those Korean places would become top-notch Vietnamese, I might not be so bummed out.........
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    this past sunday was their last day. it was the loudest and most packed ive ever seen it, looked like a final shindig for friends and family. it's been shuttered ever since and i saw them moving out kitchen items the other day. 

  • In what may be the stealthiest take over i've ever seen, before I even realized Le Gamin had closed, Bot Sop has opened for business.   The writings on the packard. 
  • bopsot's grand soft opening was yesterday. they have a limited menu (bibimbap and bulgogi and other stuff) while they still hire and train and work out the new restaurant kinks. 

    meanwhile the other korean place that is replacing pequena repainted their exterior with odd colors a while ago, and the inside still has a ways to go. seems like they're just using it for storage at the moment, not alot of obvious progress over there.
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    Ms Whynot and I are eating here now. Soft Opening short menu:

  • What's that in the picture, it looks big! (and yummy)
  • Oh nice we just sat next to you! Food was pretty good. The waiter was very nice and seemed slightly inexperienced but in a nice way if that makes any sense. Anything he didn't know he made sure he clarified with someone who did. We had the bulgogi pot and the bibimbap over rice. I think we'll be back.

    Interior has been redone a bit but the outdoor seating is original Le Gamin stuff.
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    @epiclylaterd -
    Yup, those chairs are vintage Le Gamin.

    @mod -
    That was a bul go gi pot. It was yummy.

    Also of note, they have beer, and the ability to accept credit cards ON DAY THREE.

    The Korean food war is on. White Tiger has yet to arrive....
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    May the best place win!
  • We went tonight for dinner and everything we had was really tasty. They said they're still testing things out so expect the menu will still be changing & expanded for a while.

    I also noticed they had a full brunch menu posted, maybe we'll try that next weekend.

    Glad to have another option on the Vanderbilt Strip.
  • Finally went last night and it was a great meal served by delightful people at a reasonable price.  Well worth trying. Could be a new favorite! not a single flaw in the experience.
  • Ate here the other night. Food is pretty good on the whole. But I was not pleased that my pancake was burnt on the edges/bottom. Great staff, though. I'll probably return. 
  • tonite a car crashed into bopsot's storefront in the middle of the night. the storefront is totaled, looks like bopsot will be out of commission for a while. hope they can pull through this setback.
  • Shit. I hope insurance helps. Hope no one was seriously hurt in the accident.
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    This restaurant is not even on a corner.

    I wonder if the driver was intoxicated. Seems likely.image
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    def not a normal car accident. there were two cars involved and they may have collided at the intersection first before one ran into bopsot, but *both* of them fled the scene afterwards, even though they must have had extensive damage (judging by the amount of oil/fluid/debris) and couldnt have gone far. would be interested to hear how the detectives sort this one out.
  • def not a normal car accident. there were two cars involved and they may have collided at the intersection first before one ran into bopsot, but *both* of them fled the scene afterwards, even though they must have had extensive damage (judging by the amount of oil/fluid/debris) and couldnt have gone far. would be interested to hear how the detectives sort this one out.
  • Despite almost 5 months going by, I have seen no sign of life after the accident.

    No real estate advertisements.

    No reconstruction of the glass storefront.    ...if they wanted to reopen, I suspect they could have by now. 

  • Did they ever open back up? I didn't get to check things out when I was last in the area a few weeks ago. 
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    They have opened, and re-worked their style like they knew they needed to.

    I'm going to float a conspiracy theory now that has no basis beyond my own enjoyment.

    Bop Sot was one of 3 korean restaurants that opened in the same timeframe in the same few block radius, and it was clearly doing the worst.   White Tiger was packed all the time, Tyger Shark was getting all these great write ups, and Bop Sot was like the place you might go to if the other places were too hard to get into (and that includes the 2 Chukos).   With BS's big open windows the contrast was clear, they were empty nearly all the time. 

    One fatal move they made was not redesigning anything from the previous owner, when their competition leaned heavily on style.  The second was aiming to be too typical.  It seemed like they were on deathwatch.  Then a car drove through the store front which sits in the middle of a block, not on a corner.  And it seems the driver got away.

    So, a year later they've reopened, redesigned, re-tooled their concept, and now they're Bop Sot Dumpling Bar with a new menu that is half occupied with dumpling options.  I personally, was very excited to have a dumpling bar in the neighborhood.  They were on track to make a niche for themselves. 

    In actuality, its a bit of a gimmick.   They just added focus on this one popular appetizer, but one still goes there and orders a non-dumpling entrée to fill up.  I'm not going to critique the food, but it's clear that an initial excitement has come and gone for BopSot.

    They're empty again, although starting now, that may be do to customers seating in the re opened backyard. 

    And as for the conspiracy, I'm really not saying it was an inside job, but I mean.  But then again, I don't know the level of pressure a business owner feels when things aren't going their way.

  • If we focus on profitability (as opposed to how full a place is) Tygershark is likely ahead.

    Much of their business comes from high profit drinks until early in the morning, whereas White Tiger mostly is serving low profit food to a full house during dinner.
  • I wouldn't be so sure, White Tiger has more seats and serves plenty of cocktails as well. 
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    Just a follow up here. BopSop completely reinvented themselves for a third time last week! Pretty impressive. It seems like the right thing for a struggling restaurant to do, yet I can't think of a time I've seen one ever do it, much less twice over. The short lived dumpling bar is no more! They don't even have a dumpling on the menu. They're banking on some new trends (poké, yay) like a heavy dedication to something called ENERGY TOAST. The other half of the menu is tasty sounding bowls. They're menu is now completely unique from the other 2 korean joints. WELL PLAYED THERE. Now they just need people to come. So let's all let bygones by bygones and give it a try (at least once)! image1
  • Wow! What are they called now?
  • The weekend brunch crowd is massive, and therefore a good target. However, it might take them a lot of work to convince people that Korean = brunch. They might need more than Energy Toasts.
  • Had a pleasant dinner in the garden. We were the only ones in the restaurant. Give them a chance. They are trying to be responsive to our neighborhood. (Went to BopSot when we couldn't get into the new Nourish--45 minute wait-- or the new Korean two doors down from BopSot on the corner of Pacific and Vander. which was full, and on past visits considerably more expensive.
  • they've been closed for the last several days in a row. hope the end is not near for them, they do deserve a chance
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