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A Message From P.S. 9 to Our Friends in the Prospect Heights Community

Dear Friends:

Neighborhoods and schools rise and fall together: the true strength of one can be measured by the health of the other. We members of the PS 9 PTO know full well the extent to which our school has profited from a thriving Prospect Heights.  Our children are fortunate to learn at a place located in such a dynamic community, populated by so many people deeply supportive of their local public school. 

At the same time, we believe that the fantastic strides made in recent years by PS 9 have likewise contributed to Prospect Heights’ prosperity.  Those of us who have worked hard to move the school forward take great pride in the fact that our diverse student body of over 800 includes not just the children of longtime Prospect Heights residents, but also those of many newcomers, who made the decision to live here in no small part because of PS 9’s appeal. That is significant, with positive implications that ripple all across the neighborhood. But PS 9 still has room to grow and to improve, and we’re focused on pushing it to achieve its full potential.  

The reality, though, is that while all of this is possible, none of it is free.  And so if our vision for the PS 9 of tomorrow excites you, if you agree that the future of our school and the future of Prospect Heights are intertwined, we ask you to please join us in our Annual Fundraising Drive! Every donation, regardless of size, is greatly appreciated! Donate here: http://www.ps9brooklyn.org/




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