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807 Washington (between Keyfood and EP) looks like it is being stripped — Brooklynian

807 Washington (between Keyfood and EP) looks like it is being stripped

A few months ago, Ms. Whynot and I visited an open house at 807 Washington, located next to the KeyFood near Eastern Parkway. As we were greeted, we suspected that some of the hosts of the open house were the actual family members. It was a large house, and had clearly been in the same family for generations. It had a garage out back and was on a pretty big lot. The house needed some updating, and we said quietly to each other "this house will likely be torn down, as this property could probably host 10 condos." The price ($1.6M) made this fate less than certain, and we politely acted interested in seeing the bathrooms:


Today, a banner for Brooklyn Capital has been affixed.   Zillow reports it sold for $1.75M on Feb 10th

Brookland Capital specializes in niche development in gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhoods. These unique investment opportunities produce exceptionally high cash-on-cash returns. Our expertise in analyzing Brooklyn’s real estate market combined with disciplined leadership is the key to our superior investor profits."


A chain appears on the door, and there are signs that salvageable items are being removed.

I wasn't able to located any work permits on file with DOB, so it isn't certain whether this will be a complete tear down or just a massive addition.

Stay tuned....