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Fish, Fish, Mo Fish coming to Vanderbilt

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Have you been wanting a fish themed sports bar? Regardless, we will soon get one.
This place was supposed to open back in December, and I've now heard they will finally open within a few weeks. Located at 612 Vanderbilt Avenue (St. Marks/Prospect), Fish, Fish, Mo Fish will feature 8 seats at the bar with another 12-17 seats at tables around the space.

There are no plans to use the rear yard/patio space as of yet.

Seafood Sports lounge located three blocks from the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY! GRAND...


  • Your link came out funny.

    Google Street View

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    More like "Fish, Fish, NO Fish", am I right!?

    But seriously, is this place ever going to open?
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    Fish Fish Mo' Fish was to be run by the owner of one of the restaurants that was previously in the storefront now occupied by Stocked, either Eton or Back 9.

    The owner believed that Vanderbilt would become flush with sports crazed, free spending people once the arena opened, and hence leased two locations.   

    Needless to say, this did not occur.     Eton and Back 9 both quickly failed.    

    The awning for Fish Fish Mo Fish survives, perhaps as a result of a 3 or 5 year lease that the entity signed on the space.    A landlord may be collecting revenue without the hassle of having a tenant.   

    Why seek a new tenant under such a circumstance?

    ...mitigation of damages is for chumps.


  • The death of Back 9, and the implosion of  Fish Fish where among my top neighborhood moments of last year.  Fish Fish especially exemplified how business owners think they can open unthoughtful business with crappy design and embarrassing fonts around these parts and get away with it.  Those days are gone.  And mediocrity is almost out of style in Prospect Heights.

    I word to the wise, if the Fish Fish people attempt to retool their space and re-open:  Make it cool, or the customers you need to survive won't come.  
  • Wow, thanks for the info. Yeah, I remember thinking FFMF was an odd choice of establishment when the signage went up. I went to Back 9 once and my overall impression was that it was created by people who didn't care about food and staffed by people who didn't know restaurants--so I'm not surprised they may have some involvement. However, I don't understand why anyone would pay for a storefront on Vandy and not do SOMETHING with it (even a sublease?) I always imagined that rent was the big ticket item vs. food costs and labor.
  • The landlord may have prohibited a sublease.

    I don't know if a kitchen was completed in the space...

    In this instance, I think we are glad that the owner of Back 9 and Fish Fish was wrong.

    ...not because we enjoyed watching him lose lots of money, but because we didn't become over run by the types of customers he sought.
  • Yeah, for sure. I feel like the stadium disrupted my life a lot more before it was open--so that's good anyway!
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    Vanderbilly - while I do somewhat understand where you are coming from (I don't want to see really shity places opening) to realize that Brooklyn has always been about quality not flashiness - we never had to keep up with the "Jones'" because we were a style and breed all our own and I take pride in that.  If you judge a place by looks alone you are missing out on some really great places like El Grand Castillo which looked like a hole in the wall but had the best Spanish food around.  2 Toms on 3rd Avenue you would probably pass but then you would miss out on the best Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers you could ever taste.  Same thing with Sam's on Court St. - you would might not appreciate the outside appearance but it has one of the best pizzas in NY.  So if you can get good food with good service at a reasonable price then the "look" of a place doesn't matter as much.  Its all about good times, with good people, enjoying good food.  
    I hope you don't take this as a snarky response.  I truly mean it with all good intentions.  You have the right to your opinion and tastes just as I do, I just wanted you to realize that you can be missing out on some great places if you take the "look" of it alone into consideration.  
  • Stacey,  I actually LOVE(and loved) those spots.  And I enjoy Sam's for the atmosphere as well as the food. Additionally, a super authentic looking chinese or latin joint makes my stomach rumble.  And when I have no one to brunch with, I head over to The Usual and sit at the counter. 

    I think of Brooklyn as the intersection of authenticity and style.  To succeed you gotta have one of those things going for you.  And then, on top of that the food has to be banging. '

    In my mind Fish Fish was dead in the water from the day I noticed their ridiculous sign.  And I hope it's droopy fish carcass can be a lesson to the rest out there.  Our standards have raised, uninspired business owners. Send your uninteresting restaurant ideas to more desperate neighborhoods please. 

  • I'm glad. I hate to see great neighborhood places get overlooked.
  • I don't know if a kitchen was completed in the space...
    Walking past one day last year, the door was open while people were working inside. It looked very nearly done, with finishing touches like light fixtures being put in place. I'd bet that the kitchen was in fact completed.
  • A little digging indicates that part of why they did not open was that a nearby storefront church expanded, to occupy the entire building.

    This meant that FFMF could not obtain a full liquor license.

    ....meaning it was "now" unlikely to be profitable.
  • I was too shocked to take a picture, but it looks like this place is about to open.   Maybe they're not done decorating but I saw sterile cheap blue and white with a couple of tables, and a big ass tv.  If this is a spot to grab a chunk of fish, eat it and be on your way, I'm not hating.  In fact, if that's the case I owe this place an apology.    I'm much more  critical if this place fancies itself a bar.  Because it looks like a pretty lame place to hang out, with a cheesy sign and bad font choice.  And a cheesy thoughtless bar seems like a pretty obvious attempt to lure in stadium traffic.
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    The SLA doesn't report an alcohol lic for 612 Vanderbilt, so I believe cheesy thoughtless bar is not happening. (whew!)

    Their facebook page states they are indeed opening in August 2015: "Hello Everyone I hope you are all ready to enjoy some delicious seafood. Fish Fish Mo Fish will being opening in August 2015"
  • They were open when I rode by today. 
  • Yes, I'll definitely stop by and try them out. Perhaps tomorrow. 
  • Anyone tried yet??
  • I've failed on that front. I'll try to go tomorrow sometime since its an off day for me. 
  • The food is pretty good here; I had to add a little salt to the fish, but that's not the worst thing. Not to mention very well priced!

    Note, the owner (I believe the cook was the, or an, owner) stated that while this week only fried fish is being served, next week baked fish will be offered as well. I'll definitely be back. 
  • I was sad to see that this place closed during my recent visit to BK. I really enjoyed their food, but can understand why what was essentially a fried fish place wasn't so popular with the newcomers to the area. 
  • The fish place took a really long time to open, then was open for only a few months, and has been vacant ever since.

    I assume the space is being warehoused until Pacific Park is mature.
  • Walked by a few days ago and some guys were painting the exterior of the place purple. They said it was going to be a vegetarian restaurant.
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