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Thursday night incident? — Brooklynian

Thursday night incident?

Anyone know what's going on at approx 1115 pm on Bergen street at classon? Swarming with cops who then proceeded with flashlights down Bergen towards Grand, looking around and under cars. One asked us if we'd heard anything, which we hadn't. Just curious since I live on this block.


  • I didn't see anything on the scanner sites, which tends to mean that there was not a life threatening incident.
  • possibly looking for a pistol? was on my stoop a couple of blocks away late last night, and heard what sounded like 4-5 shots in rapid succession.
  • I like that theory. If there are Shot Spotter microphones in the area, they would have triggered a good size police response.
  • You're probably right. At first I thought they might be looking for drugs someone dropped on purpose until they asked if we'd heard anything.