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A Ministry of Cats will have a Blog soon!

Please help to choose a logo for my new blog. The Blog will be for Individual Feral Cat Rescuers who have no source for resources but who feed and care for a colony. It will be great for helping to network and create a support group online. It takes a Village; you just have to Connect! There's a FaceBook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/299813247054327/?ref=bookmarks and the two logos to vote on are posted.


  • I like the left one! Thanks for creating this group, bless you and your work!
  • Gotta go with the one on the left.
  • Takes a village!!? That is a laugh!! I tnred pregnant cat around the corner from me and also fixed baby daddy to her kittens. Not ONE person will take FREE SHELTER AND CAT FOOD from me!!
  • Gilda, caring for a colony or even one cat is a commitment very few will make. A Village is by agreement and as rescuers we have to cultivate that village. We're you asking someone to become the caretaker for your little colony? tnr is the hardest part of what you accomplished, unfortunately, it's only the beginning. Are you able to network with other trappers or feeders until you find your colony caretaker?
  • Wilde. It is only one cat. I can go around the corner and feed myself. The problem is that someone will say something about it. I know it. I know the rules and i only feed on LEGAL area. I got hell for 3 years with 3 ferals i inherited to feed. People have bull++++ excuses. Mice. Rats. Raccoons, etc. The point is i pay ALL medical bills and i helped these people around the corner and not feeding is NOT an option.
  • P.S. All i asked of two people on block is take a FREE shelter for one cat. Is that too much to ask? I guess it was. I will try my very best to lure her to front of my house as i saw her about two times before i trapped her. I leave extra food and hope for the best. I have a shelter ready for her and saved small towel with her scent om it. Maybe that will work.
  • It may take a bit to train her to come to your spot to eat. Does it seem as if she's getting food from another source? Once she gets used to your site it will be easier for you Not everyone has the Heart or consistency to do the tnr or feeding. Tell me her history. Is she young, how did you come across this cat? Does she seem well fed? You may be over extending yourself. If someone is feeding her or she has a favorite place to stay. Find out by observing where she goes/ come from.
  • I doubt anyone is feeding her. She is about 3 and semiferal. Someone around the corner said they needed help trapping so off i went. I think she stays there because she gave birth there. Home was found for kittens. I saw her sleeping in flower pot with dirt in it. She might be coming here to eat during the night. She might of stayed away because male was being a bully. He is possible father. He has been fixed. I have no problem feeding her around the corner but maybe wait. She knows to come here. She always looked well fed. I sure as hell will not be pestering anyone. All i asked person where cat was trapped is if she saw her. NO RESPONSE.
  • And another reason she needs to stay in front of my house is that 3 ferals on Garfield were killed after 10 years of living a peaceful sheltered life. Some people in Park Slope have evil intentions to trap ferals or strays to get rid of them.
  • GREAT NEWS!! I just saw female i fixed eating in my gate!!
  • Good! Shape her eating schedule by being consistent. You're making a positive difference!
  • Thank you!! She did not even seem bothered by old feral Tigger. He just stayed in shelter and i put two feeding stations just in case.
  • Your Intention was received and accepted! Is it possible that she's a Throwaway?
  • Yes. But vet says she is too far gone. Turned feral. I only do tnr. Cannot take any cats in to socialize. And group i volunteer for also are overloaded. I have two i am fostering for rescue group.I gave up my bedroom for mom and kitten. I sleep downstairs with my cat as i cannot sleep in bedroom. I would not get any sleep.
  • Then you are indeed an angel to be caring for her!
  • Thank you but there are people who do so much more than i do. I felt horrible for putting Betsy back out knowing she once had a home. I will be putting a nice warm shelter for her very soon.
  • Getting her spayed was a great work that will make her life easier. Putting out a shelter and taking care of her takes a special kind of commitment that very few people will embrace. You're doing what you can and remember that you were the only one available for Betsy.
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