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  • Ah, and I was afraid they leaning too fascist. I guess it's a relief to hear that they're trying to run their own businesses as well??
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    It would be hard to find a business that is more out of touch with the local dynamics (regardless of whether said dynamics are fair or not, one needs to be smart enough to avoid them and isn't). Here are the general rules (roles?) of a CB vs an applicant:
  • I'm sure the SLA will grant her license. I mean, they do it all the time.
  • And I just read the live feed. I love how that old, cruddy, horrid bodega is now being cast as a "grocery store" that was a beacon of thriving community life. Really? Really? And community members testifying to threats of violence by Summerhill staff? I find that hard to believe.
  • She is actually only requesting a modification to her license; she would like to stay open later. ...those opposed to her are opposed to not only her, but what she represents. They seem to not realize that if/when she goes out of business, a similar establishment will take its place. ...for the foreseeable future, rents are not going to go down again to the degree that the old businesses are going to return.
  • I walked by and saw she plastered up the holes and decorated the area with framed items.
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