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Crownside (formerly Bar Corvo) on Washington appears to have shut down. I never understood why the owners closed down Bar Corvo, which was very good and very popular, and replaced it with a less interesting restaurant with a more limited (and constantly changing) menu. The last few times I went to Crownside they had settled on a taco-oriented menu, and the food was actually quite good, but by then they had lost their audience and the place was usually half empty. A real shame.


  • Bring back Corvo! I miss that pork chop. I did like the drinks on tap at Crownside but it was never a good substitute for just going to get a light pasta + glass of wine when we didn't feel like cooking or got home late from work.
  • Oh well, I loved Corvo and went pretty regularly, it definitely filled a niche in the neighborhood. Never checked in on Crownside, there are plenty of other bar food type places around and I never understood what was supposed to be better or more interesting about it. The whole thing is baffling.
  • Ms Whynot and I checked out Crownside soon after it opened, and were baffled by the menu in light of the location: They are steps from the Museum and BBG and they decided to do burgers and beer. ...not white wine and salad. ...not soup and a light sandwich.
  • I think Tygershark should take notice! They simplified from a beloved restaurant to a coffee shop that takes place in a restaurant, and when ever i go by, i never see a person in there. Is it because being a chef is hard? I sympathize with that I suppose
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    They still have a food menu, its just more simple and casual. I think if people figure out the change it could be successful, there's a real lack of decent casual places on Vanderbilt. But that's a big if.
  • Still miss Bar Corvo. Crownside was dubious from the start. What's next?
  • Unfortunate but not surprising. Went to crownside when it opened and never felt the need to return. We were regulars at corvo. Baffling but I’m guessing corvo wasn’t doing as well as it appeared? Can’t imagine them spending the money to convert back to corvo
  • I was told at the time that one of the owners of bar corvo basically got bored and wanted to try something different. Obviously a huge mistake in retrospect. I loved bar corvo, and crownside never really filled the same role in the neighborhood.
  • Oh man, I loved Corvo. I hope they bring it back, strange as that would be.
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    The folks that own Crownside (719 Washington) also own Lincoln Station (around the corner). ...and Aldila in Park Slope. So, I suspect they have the wherewithal to reinvent the space.
  • I also loved Corvo and would be so happy if they just brought it back. It was my go-to for a nice neighborhood meal.
  • Is Tygershark that place with lots of windows out front but no sign? It always appears closed when I pass by. And I am dying for a decent coffee shop on Vandy!
  • Any news on what's going on with the Crownside space?
  • it was my hunch that bar corvo had a kid and wanted an easier, kid friendly place . too bad, i loved bar corvo
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