New Italian restaurant Camillo coming to Lefferts Gardens on Nostrand! — Brooklynian

New Italian restaurant Camillo coming to Lefferts Gardens on Nostrand!

We've been hearing about this for a while, but the owners of Locanda Vini e Olii in Clinton Hill (the fancy place with the pharmacy sign outside) are opening a new restaurant with full liquor license on Nostrand Ave and Rutland Road (1146 Nostrand Ave, I believe). This weekend we walked past and saw the inside looking beautiful and upscale--nice bar with many taps, penny tile floor, high end light fixtures, etc. A sign painter was at work painting the glass. I'm no expert, but I would imagine a late september-october opening could be realistic, depending on inspections and everything. Didn't take a picture, but someone else on the FB page did from a week earlier: 20799166_334218747026692_7185430562132457057_n This would mark the southernmost new bar/restaurant on Nostrand Ave with sit down service, full bar, and draft beer. Salem's Hour has sit down service and a full bar but no draft, only cans. Oddly enough, once when meeting a friend at Parkside many months ago, I saw he'd struck up a conversation with two men who'd said they were planning on opening up a restaurant on Nostrand Ave. They asked me (as a resident of the area) whether I thought people from other neighborhoods would travel down the 2/5 train to go to a restaurant. I privately thought "probably not" but answered "if it was a really excellent restaurant!" I foolishly never asked them for more details on their plans, but now I'm fairly certain it was these guys. I think by now they have a very solid costumer base in the northern PLG area for sure.
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