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Camillo Italian Restaurant in PLG

Went last night. Just fantastic. Top service, nice unpretentious vibe and decor. Wonderful food. Got one of the Roman pizzas, a salad and a pasta to share. Was actually too much food. Would have been fine without the (very good) pasta. The salad was huge. Everything was fantastic. Great wine on tap and the famous olive oil cake is not to be missed. A short walk from CH, on Nostrand avenue.


  • Ms Whynot and I will make it a point to stop by. Thanks
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    Stupid fucking line in the New Yorker article: "For those who don’t live in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, getting to Camillo might require a long ride through the city’s underworld." Oh really? When they review restaurants in Manhattan, do they contemplate readers who live in the outer-boroughs? Or readers who might even leave on the other side of the country? Anyways, it seems like a coded way of saying Camillo is doing the restaurant gods' work in establishing a good restaurant in a vacant neighborhood. Seems misinformed.
  • Went in a group Sunday night last minute, having forgotten about the glowing NYer review. Showed about 7:30 and the place was packed. Mentioned we are local. Sat at the bar for 15 mins having drinks and Rocco, the manager, found us a table. They were very busy the whole time but the service and food was still very good. Waited a little long for our main courses. Overall, good to see they 1. can handle being popular, and 2. know that once the New Yorker crowd recedes, it's good business to cultivate local customers.
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