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Improvement to Eastern Parkway traffic signals on the way


  • This will be a huge improvement.
  • The pedestrian signals alone will help...
  • I'm having trouble seeing how this won't make this intersection way more confusing. Maybe because there are three traffic lights on Bedford, it'll keep people from trying to speed through all three. That seems to be the cause of the majority of accidents I've witnessed here. But a big thing is the placement of the turn arrow for the center lane turning off Eastern Parkway. It's ridiculous where it's placed. Almost every cycle of the lights, people are honking like crazy because the car in front doesn't see where the green arrow is, off to the side. But I digress... To me, this seems more about reducing the traffic turning onto Bedford, and will probably make the service roads more congested (and dangerous) because of how fast more people will be speeding down them because they are upset about having to go out of their way to turn down Bedford. Just my opinion, though. I do hope this does something positive. At least they are trying something. This intersection is currently horrible for pedestrians and vehicles alike.
  • I always hate it when I am trying to cross and someone speeds into that area between the service road and Eastern Parkway, forcing me to go AROUND the car and into traffic on either side. I hope that this new system will fix that.
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