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Let's talk about the violence in Eastern Crown Heights



  • did anyone else happen to witness the violent incident on franklin and st. johns around 5:15pm this evening? i was walking from the subway back home to see two police officers bolting down the street after a group of young men. once one suspect was apprehended and getting cuffs affixed, a second police officer punched him in face and knocked him down. really horrible to witness. half of the people crowded on the street were paralyzed, and the other half were shouting wildly. i am curious for what reason these suspects were being chased; probably as i am trying to make sense of the violence i witnessed once they were apprehended. anyone out there know any info? 
  • From 24 shootings in 2010 to 3 in 2017. I don't credit SOS Crown Heights with all of that decrease, but will state the latter sounds like a far nicer place for children and adults to live. Draft-3-1
  • This is so upsetting. There were way more in western crown heights and SOS won't seem to move into the community as it's not in their catchment area...They obviously do great work and need to expand their efforts!
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