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Ramen probably not coming to 727 Franklin Avenue (near Domo Taco) — Brooklynian

Ramen probably not coming to 727 Franklin Avenue (near Domo Taco)

The storefront formerly occupied by Lily and Fig and then Guayaco, has plans to become a ramen place.

Here's the past:

The future seems to involve a place that will have 47 seats, serve ramen, and beer and wine.

The owners are T&C Izakaya.  

I have no idea what the name will be, yet



  • It was only a matter of time. If it's good I'll be a regular, it's a long walk to Chuko, although I do love that place.
  • This place should be able to open pretty quickly as a result of already having a kitchen and "only" seeking a beer and wine license. 

    I'm willing to predict it will be open by July 1.

  • I heard that They will not open Ramen in this building because they found out that 727 Franklin Ave doesn't have either Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of No Objection for restaurant business from Department of Building.
    The letter of No Objection for bakery was denied by Department of Building ( 07/08/2009 ). It means Guayaco restaurant and Lily 's bakery were open illegally these past few years.

  • Yeah, and there's a for rent sign in the window again.
  • How is it possible? Lily bakery and guayaco had a kitchen. Did they build the kitchen (hood/exhaust and ansul system illegally also?
    As far as I know landlord's husband is a lawyer whose office is upstair (2nd floor).
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    Such things are possible.    

    ...long time readers may remember that the coffee shop that used to be at 634 Park Place (where Cafe Caribeana is now) operated for something like a year before the DOH realized they existed and didn't have the necessary DOH permits.    Only then did the DOH shut them down.

  • Thank you whynot_31
  • I ran into the guy who was gonna open Ramen at now closed Guayaco at Banhmigos. Last time He told me that He canceled taking over Guayaco space due to the building has issue with certificate of occupancy.
    This time He said He's looking for a space/restaurant for rent/sale on Franklin Ave or Washington Ave. He gave me his email address, so if anyone has any information, please email him directly at
    Personally, I'd like to see a Ramen shop to be opened in Crown heights since I love Ramen.
  • There's the Tendenci space, but I imagine it will need a lot of work to become a restaurant and is small. I would love something south of EP in one of the spaces between EP and Carroll, but the vacant places don't seem to be looking for a tenant.
  • There are a lot of spaces on the market:

    The trick is finding one that will allow a kitchen and has the right amount of foot traffic.

  • I gave the landlord's phone number to my friend who wants to open a coffee shop but my friend told me the landlord pretended didnt know what my friend talked about and hang up the phone. I think the landlord violates Building Department's code and tries to hide from them.
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    This ad was last updated on 5/17/2016, and lists it as being an "off market" potential restaurant:

    I wonder if they found a tenant, or are resolving the DOB issue before they relist it.


  • I swore I saw some sort of Brooklyn branded shop set up over the weekend. Anyone else see that?
  • I swore I saw some sort of Brooklyn branded shop set up over the weekend. Anyone else see that?
    Yes, it seemed like a one-day pop-up shop. There used to be an occasional pop-up in closed business spaces called Installation (, who I'm guessing had some close relationship with the owners. Possibly the same group this time.
  • I remembered the guy who was gonna open ramen told me that he's already paid for lawyer's fee etc and when they almost did the closing, his lawyer found out that the building has a rejected LNO, then he called the landlord to verify it, but the landlord never answered the phone and avoided the guy ever since. I hope the landlord will tell the new tenant about the problem with building department, otherwise the poor guy will spend lots of money to fix it, find the architect etc and probably won't be able to open the store until they get a new C/O or LNO I already told my friend who wants to open coffee shop about it. He didn't mind at all and was willing to work it out with the landlord bcs he said its a simple procedure unless the landlord built it illegally and he has to pay large amount penalty in order to fix the violations.
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    The DOB and DOH are not always as informed as people believe them to be.   Then, it is a case of renter and employee beware.

    Here's a sad case in Washington Heights:  

  • seems to now be some kind of artist/community space
  • seems to now be some kind of artist/community space
    Yeah, lots of hip-looking pop up events
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    To book the space: