Confirmed: The Islands will relocate to 671 Washington, former site of Janelle's — Brooklynian

Confirmed: The Islands will relocate to 671 Washington, former site of Janelle's

For those not aware, a few months ago I broke the news that the Key Food building (located at Lincoln and Washington) will soon be torn down and replaced by condos. 

 Today, I have good news: One of its long standing tenants, The Islands, has secured a new spot locally: 

It will soon move to 671 Washington, the former site of Janelle's. (A poorly managed restaurant that was always going out of business, and finally did go out of business about a month ago). image


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    The new site will be much larger than their present site, and plans include sit down dining, access to the roof for dining during the warmer months and a liquor license.

    Here is a photo of their present location:

    Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 6.28.38 PM
  • YEAH!!
  • Great! Even if they double prices, they'll definitely be earning every cent. And it's even closer to my place!
  • great news!  such a nice owner, and definitely a need for seating.
  • Awesome news!

    Some attribution in The Patch for breaking the story would have been nice, but one apparently can't have that AND jerk chicken.

    I'll settle for jerk chicken :)
  • You know, when I read people mentioning The Islands on this site, I thought they we're referring to what I now know is Triple D's! Come to think of it, it never really dawned on me that there was another West Indian restaurant on that side of Washington other than Triple D's, which added to my belief. I'll take people's word that The Islands is good, but I definitely would've taken Triple D's moving to that spot as well. I love that place!
  • I spoke with one of the owners of The Islands a few days, and she states that she is presently waiting on permits before she can begin renovation of the Janelle's space.

    She is optimistic that she won't have a period in which her present location is closed before she opens the new one, but can not be sure.
  • I went to the Islands last night. They have to be out by April 15, and Janelle's isn't scheduled to come online immediately. I'd go soon for one last taste in the old space.
  • Does anyone know their weekend hours? Google is proving unreliable.
  • They are open from, oh, 1 or 2pm until 10 or 11.
  • They usually close each night as they sell out of popular items.

    Ie. They make as much jerk chicken as they can in the afternoon, then sell it until it is gone.

    When to many menu items are gone, it is time to go home.

    ...about 10 PM.
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    Former location now closed.   Here's an interview with the owners:
  • New location is actively being renovated, but looks several weeks away being able to open.

    Floor tile was being put in this weekend.   After that, DOH will have to inspect their kitchen.
  • Work on the site continues. Dumpster with debris is out front. They are doing more work than I thought they would. For some reason, I imagined them replacing the sign but keeping just about everything else. They may have investors involved, as opposed to loans.
  • I'm told the new space will be ready by October 1.
  • Any updates here?
  • I got nothing.
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    @eastbloc I was able to look in today. They are presently installing drywall. Plumbing, venting and electrical is done. Painting is next. After that we need some furnishings and a kitchen inspection.
  • Update: Painting is now occurring.
  • Bummer. Good to see progress, but as hoping they'd be open before I leave town tmr!
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    wonderful— i assume they'll have to be a higher-priced sitdown joint after this big of an investment? a shame, but they certainly deserve to go upmarket if they want
  • They have now begun the process of seeking a liquor license. Carib Enterprises Inc. and D Islands Restaurant, 671 Washington Avenue (St. Marks/Prospect) – Full (DJ, karaoke) (rezzonator services)
  • Still no Islands?
  • Just heard from the owners—like, two minutes ago on the phone. Opening New Year's Eve. They'll be transitioning into doing breakfast, lunch and dinner in the future, with more vegetarian and vegan offerings.
  • a truly delicious new year's miracle!
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    Awesome! I haven't been able find evidence of them getting an application into the SLA yet, but that will be started soon enough.
  • Don't know about that. But they called me up to let me know they're opening on NYE.
  • Are they actually open? Are they taking phone orders and at what number if so?
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    Did anyone go? 671 (photo not by me)
  • This evening Ms Whynot and I had dinner at the new location. As one might expect, the owner/chef was onsite and remembers me from my 10 years of patronage. And, it while there is a menu, it is wise to ask "what is ready?" before ordering. was yummy. She had a veggie curry dish, and I had the jerk chicken.
  • Also there last night. Food and price point unchanged. Cheap and Delicious!! BYOB currently, which makes the super slow service a feature. Plenty of time to drink your wine. My only gripe: I can't believe how little thought they put into the look of the place. And not in a old school homey type way, it's just thoughtless red and blue walls. People may disagree with me, because of their godly status, but the cheap look is whats gonna hold them back from being an hour wait kind of place, a date place. I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin.
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    It did have the feeling of it being slightly not yet ready. The bar does not have liquor, and the space lacks music or TVs. However, both are clearly in the works. On a similar note, I had a conversation with the owner re: when they will be ready to start delivery and she replied that she was aware she needed to have the kitchen fully staffed and all items available before taking that step. She does not want to suffer bad Yelp reviews, and instead wants to slowly scale up her business to meet the desires of the neighborhood. She seemed to understand that the marketplace is very unforgiving. food
  • Pickup experience is unchanged. You can call ahead and pretend to put in an order but it will only be prepared once you arrive. Fortunately the food is unchanged and well worth whatever it takes to get it. The place was full and they don’t need to do anything to the aesthetics to keep it that way as long as they can cook like they do. It’s authenticity not romance that makes it work. Bonus running into whynot and mrs whynot while waiting for the food. They were there to enjoy a sit-down meal.
  • Indeed, I had not seen @eastbloc in years. It is clear that The Islands is still figuring out how to prep for a dining area that seats 50. ...the most popular items were not available. While about 6 staff members were present, it may be time for the owners to delegate a few tasks.
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