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Arts/Crafts Classes/Retail/Cafe for Kids + Adults

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I am considering opening a small space for Arts/Crafts Classes/Retail/Cafe for both adults and kids in Carroll Gardens and wanted to get some feedback from community members about whether there might be interest and what would be factors in your deciding whether to join. For example: 1) Transportation - nearness to subway; 2) Class hours; 3) Class price; 4) Classes offered; 5) Look/Feel of the Facility. If you could write back with any comments, thoughts on above, I'd greatly appreciate it and would be happy to add you to a mailing list. One of my biggest concerns is location. The possible address for the facility is on Hicks Street between President and Carroll, and I'm wondering if parents consider this too out-of-the-way to travel to with children or to allow older kids/teens to walk to on their own after-school. Thanks so much!


  • I think class price and classes offered would be first priority to me, and then accessibility by public transportation.

    If you do open it, I have a request for sewing classes. I want to learn to how to use a sewing machine well, but the only place I know that has that is in Queens or FIT (beyond my level).
  • class hours and class offerings most important - also offering possible groups (ie for Bdays). I'm not in Carroll gardens, but would come with kid if it seemd like a good outing on a saturday or weekday afternoon
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