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Feel like ventin' at CB7 'bout 421a?

Subject: Feel like ventin' at CB7 'bout 421a?

The latest and greatest bitch fest in the city...no, not more Ratnerville hoo-ha (not to down play that! Oh, now I might get some shit for that...), but the lovely outdated, and potentially to be rejuvenated, 421a tax abatement incentive. Incentive for new development, or a tax break for the rich?

If you are "in the know" (or not) and live in Community Board 7: Sunset Park, South Park Slope, Greenwood Hts . and Windsor Terrace (or don't), the Land Use committee is tackling the subject this Thursday...yours truly included.

Thursday 11/2/06
Brooklyn Community Board 7
4201 4th Avenue (at 43rd St.)
6:30 pm

Rep from BP's office will be on-hand to give a neutral presentation. Others to debate "not so neutral." Save it, toss it or amend it, who knows.

Not for the advocacy timid ;)

Come on, get involved!


  • Medium sized turn out, presentation by BP's Richard Bearak (thanks Richard!) and a lot of questions...not too many answers. Most of the folks there (Board members and the public) felt the law should expire, since it's main component is "charity for the rich," however, there was concern about it's potential affordable housing component. Ultimately the recommendation to local electeds will be to be mindful when making your decision that 421a, since it is broke. If you let it expire, OK, if you fix it, make sure the 20-30% affordable housing component is in there and it MUST be manditory. That was my take away.
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