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Lost Black Cat

Please, please e-mail me if you have seen or found a small, all-black female cat. She went missing over the weekend from 10th Avenue near Sherman Street. We're all so heartbroken. She is friendly and mad for heights. lizfarrell@aol.com


  • oh... :( good luck!

    Was she an 'outdoor' cat or did she slip out?
  • Be sure to report her missing at 311 and post flyers up for her everywhere. You may also want to contact some of the local vet clinics. Most clinics have a missing pets log. Good luck!
  • Thanks--she's an indoor kitty who slipped out. Please keep an eye out. I'm so worried about her out in this cold weather.
  • my little cat ran out one day and she is the newest. one or two of my cats I take out for walks on leashes but she does not know the area in any way. She went zooming down the stairs so fast and when I got outside there was no sign of her. My instinct said to go behind the house instead of looking for her down the street left or right. (I realize where you are the houses are probably all next to each other.) I went in the back and there she was under the 'deck' not sure what to do ... and I scooped her up. I gather yours would have run down the block and then what? It's hard to figure out what a cat would do but perhaps (I'm sure you've done this but just in case) be sure to look under stoops or under porches, etc. best of luck!
  • Liz, My cat got out of the house about 5 years ago when i was living in the country. I walked around the area calling her name for about an hour and eventually i heard her little meow, she had climbed in a tree next to the house. I walked past it a few times before she spoke up, so she must have been scared... I think it's really important to walk around the nabe calling her name, within a wide radius because cats can get spooked and wander--but if she is hiding and hears your voice she will come out. I hope you find your little girl soon! Definitely post flyers, and put up a photo of her here!
  • there was a whole article in the NY times about lost cats and best ways to get them back--which are generally exactly the opposite of what everyone does.

    i have times select, so i can get old articles: PM me and i can send it.
  • brooklynpotter,
    If you would, please: lizfarrell@aol.com. Thanks!
  • Did you ever find your cat? I certainly hope so!
  • Any word? It's been 10 days! :cry:

    Let us know something. We can't keep this sticky'd indefinitely.
  • Hi Liz,

    I tried to email you and the post wouldn't go through. Anyway, I saw a small black cat with golden eyes on the north side of Lincoln Place between Underhill and Washington about 10 days ago. The cat did not look like a feral cat. He/she looked lost or abandoned.

    Hope this helps.

  • Carnivore--

    I think that this thread should remain up a little longer. Maybe someone who lives on/near Lincoln Place between Underhill and Washington could be on the look out for the kitty.


  • We're still looking for our cat. I can't tell you how great people have been about helping us. Thanks so much. Although our little girls are heartbroken, and we are too, we are also just so touched by how many WT/PS people--kids, dog owners, joggers, letter carriers, delivery people--are keeping an eye out. It reminds me of that French movie. I know she'll come back, and I'll let you know when she does.
  • Do you have a photo? I saw a small all black kitty on Underhill Ave. between Eastern Parkway and St. Johns Pl 2 nights ago.
  • Tess,

    I'm sure that you and I saw the same kitty. I'll let Liz know.

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