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greenpoint safe at night?

is it safe to walk in the areas between McGolrick Park and the BQE at night? i'm looking at an apartment around there, and i love it during the day but find it empty at night. is it dangerous for a woman to walk alone there? i'd really appreciate any advice you can give... thanks!


  • I live in Greenpoint and used to be a rental agent there, so that's my base of experience for this reply.

    You don't say how far north you are there, but unless you're in the areas bordering on the industrial zone, go for it. That's a great, community-based neighborhood, many residents have been there for years, especially around the diner. (Check the pocket park there - the mother of the 9/11 firefighter it's named after lives right across the street.) I'd live there if I found a great deal.

    But, all of Greenpoint shuts down at night, not just that area. Keep that in mind. Manhattan Ave. shuts up around 8pm, it's not Bedford. I love my area (I live near Franklin St. and Calyer St.) and feel safe there, but there just aren't that many people on the street at night. So I don't walk from the train with my headphones on and make sure my keys are in hand before I walk out of the train or bus. But that's basic NYC smartness.

    i would say that if you're getting off the G at Nassau, walking up nassau to the park, and getting to your apartment that way, it's reasonably well-populated and i would feel safe there. but, i wouldn't walk it alone at 1am on a tuesday night in january, i'd get a car service to my door.

    my $.02.
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    I agree.. my boyfriend lived on Nassua and Apollo and i'd visit him at all hours of the evening from the G train. the walk is long and if you're realy lazy like me.. you can hop the bus or take northside to wherever.

    Safety under the BQE, i walked around there a few nights meeting some friends at this one bar (not sure the anem) but it was under the BQE and i felt safe. i'm a 25 year old female... my $.03.
  • the biggest problem you have are the drunks in the park, and they are harmless. the police have upped the patrols through the park at all hours, to get the drunks out. its super residential all around the park and i have walked alone and with my small dog at all hours, never have had a problem. just keep your wits about you just like any where else in nyc. i live on kingsland & norman in the industrial part of greenpoint. i have always felt safe and im a 32 yo female.
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    Althought this is not technically Greenpoint, how is the area near Kingsland Ave and Woodpoint? It borders an industrial area.
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