The War for Hasidic Williamsburg — Brooklynian


  • This reply will sound very racist, however I find it very hard to show much sympathy for the hasidic community. The majority of new construction I see going up from Broadway to dekalb ave are Residential buildings for the hasidm., These are large buildings but not one black or latino to be found in them. So, when there's complaints on there part about a lack of affordable housing it falls on very deaf ears....
  • i work in williamsburg and frankly the hassidic community is so unbelievably nasty to us (artists, women) i'm not feeling very sorry for them.
  • if it weren't for the hasidics going out praying at 3am or 2 am on any given day of the week, your industrial shabby chic warehouse loft wouldn't be safe at all.

    hooray for hasidics

    their presence in the neighborhood helps you, even if they don't talk to you. maybe they can't talk to you for religious reasons. have you ever tried to initiate contact? doubt it. I haven't either, but I'm not complainin g. I do my thing they do theirs.

    I doubt they would rob you or vandalise your car, so why give them a hard time? I spend my energy looking out for criminal types and sketchy peeps.

    You should too.

    attack them for your ignorance-brilliant

    those jews came here when no one wanted to live here, they made it safe for you, then you want them out -wondering why they don't talk to you.

    Crown Heights , lately ma'am?

    no one wants to live with anyone that is not their type, but yet people cry for diversity, fair distribution, etc...

    money will be the ultimate decision maker, i predict.

    I see the Hasidics moving to another undesirable area, taking over, then hipsters decide it would be a cool place to live for cheap, then the cycle repeating. They are smart, not just complainers. I'm learning, too.

    -boy in blue bus in bushwick brooklyn
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