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481 Prospect Place Condos

Has anyone checked these out? I saw a listing in the Times today, $560k for a 1274 sq. ft. unit that looks like a duplex.

It's listed by the developer's group: http://www.thedevelopersgroup.com/apartments/apartment.aspx?webid=10669

If anyone checks this out I'd be interested in hearing about it.


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    We went to the open house today. The building has 8 units, the best one being the one you listed. There was already an offer on it when we went. The 2 units on the top (4th) floor were comparable, 2 bedroom 3 baths, the 2nd bedroom is a large loft. The front apt had great light, the back apt had a view of manhattan. The units on floors 2 & 3 were one bedrooms, and the units on the ground floor had basement rec-rooms that were pretty spacious. The building is all new, really nice floors and fixtures, teeny tiny bathrooms, lots of closet space, and the 2 story apts had circular staircases. The block is just okay - between closson & washington - and close to the S train.
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