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  • Closed 23 views 11 comments    Jump to most recent comment by alafairnadia Prospect Heights
  • Bloggies - nominate by 10pm tonight
    Bloggies blogger awards . . . ya know, for sites you like . . . .
    Closed 21 views 4 comments    Jump to most recent comment by emily Prospect Heights
  • GM vs. Regular
    I'm new to the site. What does this mean: Grand Master, Regular?
    Closed 32 views 18 comments    Jump to most recent comment by candicissima Prospect Heights
  • Screaming on Vanderbilt Last Night
    Did anyone else hear terrified screaming on Vanderbilt last night, around 12:15am? I was woken up from a light sleep by a woman's horrifying screams: two long screams, and a short scream that ended abrubtly. I was so disturbed I called the kids at Happy Hour, figuring they were still up, to ...
    Closed 30 views 7 comments    Jump to most recent comment by armchair_warrior Prospect Heights
  • exterminator
    I am looking for a reliable, affordable exterminator for our coop building. We have a few roach and mouse sightings.
    Any recomendations for an exterminator in the crown heights area?

    Closed 14 views 1 comment Started by anonymous Crown Heights/Prospect Lefferts Gardens
  • Foodies in the 'hood
    Subject: Foodies in the 'hooda friend of mine just started a new website. it's not open yet, but if you want on, PM me (you can read the content, but you can't get an account yet). anyway, it's :D
    Closed 21 views 3 comments    Jump to most recent comment by roux42 Prospect Heights
  • Cheap house stuff - go to DUMBO on Sunday
    hey guys,
    I was just in DUMBO and let me tell you, between ABC closing next week, and the West Elm sale, there are deals to be had. I did most of my shopping at West Elm b/c I don't need any furniture and the linens at ABC are kinda pricey. BUT ...
    Closed 40 views 22 comments    Jump to most recent comment by carnivore Prospect Heights
  • Breaking Ground ...

    Noticed they seem to have "broken ground" for the new Richard Meier building. I can't wait .. I think? Odd time (January / February) to be starting foundation work though.

    Closed 24 views 8 comments    Jump to most recent comment by carnivore Prospect Heights
  • For sale: 1991 Mazda Protege $850.00 FIRM
    Treating myself to a newer car, so, mine is for sale:

    1991 Mazda Protege

    129,000 miles

    Automatic transmission

    Flip top sunroof (does not leak-works great!)

    Removable face radio/cassette-Kenwood

    Ol' reliable! EXCELLENT running condition! Starts up on a dime every

    4 ...
    Closed 18 views 2 comments    Jump to most recent comment by nishi621 The Classifieds
  • Lots of sirens...
    Firetrucks, maybe (loud, loud horn tooting)? Going down Washington, I think? Who's got the skinny?
    Closed 27 views 1 comment Started by sarah k Prospect Heights
  • 5th Union?
    Anyone know what's going in on the corner of 5th & Union, right next to Beso? I can't remember what was there before, but I passed by last week and the store has been gutted. Looks like something new is coming in soon.
    Closed 35 views 12 comments    Jump to most recent comment by paulybrklynny Park Slope
  • New coffee bar on Washington
    Don't remember anyone commenting on this. There is a new coffee bar opening on Washington bet. Prospect and St Mark's. New World Coffee - I think it's a chain but still it beats Starbuck's and is a welcome addition IMO.
    Closed 46 views 12 comments    Jump to most recent comment by magnus martyr Prospect Heights
  • Do you hate comfort?
    My internet stopped working in my apartment, so I had to search out a free WiFi hotspot. I headed to the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, which I know has been much complained about on these boards. I've been here before, but now I realize that I've never been here before on a weekend. Egads. ...
    Closed 50 views 18 comments    Jump to most recent comment by paulybrklynny Prospect Heights
  • Chopper flying overhead on Eastern/Underhill at 6am!
    Last night we slept with our window open, since our building is way overheated and that's our only option for temperature regulation. At 6 a.m. we were woken up by loud chopper noises. We peered out the window (bleary-eyed of course), to discover a helicoper floating around right above our building at Eastern ...
    Closed 60 views 16 comments    Jump to most recent comment by jayce Prospect Heights
  • Terry Gilliam filmfest
    Never been to Soda, but now there's reason! A Terry Gilliam film festival! Count me in!
    Closed 32 views 10 comments    Jump to most recent comment by alafairnadia Prospect Heights
  • Dog Owners- FYI
    Pet Food Recall

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that at least 76 dogs nationwide are believed to have died as a result of eating contaminated Diamond Pet Foods.

    According to the company, the pet food was distributed to stores in Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, ...
    Closed 14 views 2 comments    Jump to most recent comment by caaahyoko Prospect Heights
  • PS Sports Bar?
    Hi all.

    Wondering if anyone can suggest a good, fairly rowdy sports bar that might be showing the Redskins game tomorrow. My hubby is a freak for the team and looking for a good place to go watch it in the hood and have a few brewskies & nibbles!

    Closed 33 views 10 comments    Jump to most recent comment by bigbubba Park Slope
  • Rescued Male Cat Needs a Home - Definitely a Lap Cat!
    Good-looking male cat, 1'2", 13 lbs., enjoys long rolls in catnip, scratching, snoozing, fine dining, and soulful jazz music, seeks family for friendship and long-term relationship.

    Hi, my name is Mr. Tom and recently I was rescued from the streets of Prospect Heights. Unfortunately the family I am living with already has three ...
    Closed 29 views 1 comment Started by leozoeypiper The Classifieds
  • Decent liquor store in FG?
    Does anyone know of a decent liquor store in Fort Greene? I just came back from the place on Fulton and Ashland, and it's really subpar. The shelves were all half-empty and the selection was between bad or worse (and I by no means am a liquor snob). I'm content drinking the cheap stuff but ...
    Closed 31 views 9 comments    Jump to most recent comment by anonymous Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy
  • Vandy's bar scene
    Subject: Vandy's bar scenelast night Carnivore, Candicissima, Bewitched and I attempted to go to Soda. it was extremely full. as in 3 deep at the bar, no seats anywhere, people dancing like mad in the lounge, etc.
    then we attempted to go to Indigo Lounge/Bar/Blu and IT WAS PACKED. so THEN we ...
    Closed 37 views 13 comments    Jump to most recent comment by prospect place Prospect Heights
  • Ginger beer
    Anyone know where to get proper ginger beer. Been jonesing for a good Dark and Stormy but couldn't find any real ginger beer. Admittedly, I haven't looked that hard but there must be somewhere in PH that carries it. The beer distributor on Washington and Bergen says he carries it but they are always out.
    Closed 56 views 9 comments    Jump to most recent comment by alafairnadia Prospect Heights
  • NYT article about Flatbush/Atlantic intersection wrote: "This is what traffic engineers consider a nightmare," said Samuel I. Schwartz, surveying the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues in Brooklyn on a cold night shortly before Thanksgiving.[/url]

    Closed 26 views 5 comments    Jump to most recent comment by armchair_warrior Prospect Heights
  • We won!

    The Curbed Neighborhood of the Year poll! Okay, it's more a testament to how much we like the neighborhood than anything else, but it's still cool.

    Tune into the comments for bitter snarking from those who think that internet polls are scientifically valid.
    Closed 50 views 35 comments    Jump to most recent comment by whyfi Prospect Heights
  • Free skis!
    I saw some nice looking skis being thrown out today, and thought someone here might be interested in snagging them.

    Where:3rd St, between 6th & 7th Aves (close to 7th, on the north side of the street).

    What: Two pairs of Atomics, one with bindings, one without. A third pair, ...
    Closed 20 views 1 comment Started by daniel Park Slope
  • bmw 525i for sale $5,000
    selling a bmw 525i 1992 (red)
    good condition (since the car has not been driven it needs a new battery.
    135,00 mileage, new steering column,new exhault system,wires are all new. (bought the car for my daughter but moved out so i need to sell it fast.
    i am very neg on price,the book value is ...
    Closed 35 views 1 comment Started by anonymous The Classifieds
  • do you tip..?
    hi. quick question.
    i usually do my landry but i took it to have it done.
    i am about to pick it up but do you tip them?
    it's like 30 dollars and it is a lot so i am wondering..
    Closed 50 views 28 comments    Jump to most recent comment by apollonia666 Prospect Heights
  • Amy's Kitty Sitting
    Subject: Amy's Kitty SittingHi there!

    I have been sitting cats in the Brooklyn area for the last couple of years and would love to apply all the kittyisms I’ve come across with your little ones.

    My services include the regular feed, water, scoopie, then whatever it is they like to make them ...
    Closed 36 views 1 comment Started by amyskittysitting The Classifieds
  • DH Field Trip: Dancing At The Royale
    oh and a friend from bed stuy is spinning at the royale in p.slope on friday. who's in?
    Closed 26 views 14 comments    Jump to most recent comment by duke of flatbush Prospect Heights
  • Prospect Heights Guide
    Is there any plan in the works to migrate the guide to the dailyheights or to clean it up. Perhaps make it look somewhat similar to a citysearch format. Obviously it would be lots of work but now that we are Nabe of the year we need to look legit... right?

    If it wasn't ...
    Closed 52 views 21 comments    Jump to most recent comment by emily Prospect Heights
  • Bach's Home Remedies
    Subject: Bach's Home RemediesAnybody know where to buy these in the neighborhood? Vitamin Shoppe and Yaba only carry the rescue remedy. I'd rather find it locally than order online.
    Closed 75 views 23 comments    Jump to most recent comment by carnivore Prospect Heights