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  • Let's stop calling them Ferals
    When it comes down to it, these are our Community Cats. They may have been adopted as kittens and then discarded. Some can be socialized again; some must be accepted as they are now: Damaged. Since People created this problem it's only fair that People become the Problem Solvers. We ...
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  • Barbara Has Done the Rescue Kittens Need Adoption
    This is a Public Service Post It's to enable Individual Rescuers who reach out asking for help. If I can create and share a slideshow I can reach more people than they can. If this is all I can do for now - it's only the beginning.
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  • Baby Kittens Need a Home!
    Hello Brooklynian Friends! 

    I rescued six very young kittens from the NYACC shelters and they are ready for adoption.  Two are three months and four are 2 months old and having been raised by a stay-at-home foster mom from the time they were newborns, they are very well socialized.  They are all super playful and ...
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  • Cat Project in Crown Heights
    I have recently completed a large "Trap-Neuter-Return" project around St. John's Park where 32 cats were trapped, spay/neutered and vaccinated per NYC requirements of free-roaming neighborhood animals and returned to their colonies. Because of this project, 32 cats from this area are now healthier than ever which is a huge benefit to not only the ...
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    PAWS IN PARADISE HAS PURRFECTION FOR ADOPTION Paws in Paradise 410 fifth avenue between 7th and 8th Street brooklyn in Park Slope will be hosting an Adoption Event for Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella WHEN: Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 25% Discount on items for your newly adopted pet! There are other discounts too for anyone adopting a cat at our ...
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  • Super Urgent - Kitties need immediate foster homes!
    The Animal Project, a registered 501c3 charity, needs immediate foster situations for several of our kitties.  If you have any space in your home, even temporarily, for a kitty this summer please let us know right away!  

    1. Willie – adorable kitten around 3 months old. Tested vaguely positive for FeLV, but since the test ...
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