• whynot_31
    The Sea Crest linen site, 46 Crown St.

    Located at 46 Crown St, Sea Crest Linen has occupied a large site for decades. Though originally slated to close back in Sept 2013, the plant closed a few weeks ago.


    Behind, it leaves a large site which is close to the museum, Prospect Park and other attractions....I don't think ...
  • Interesting story and quotes by Spike Lee about gentrification
    Film director Spike Lee railed against gentrification in New York City in an expletive-filled speech.
    Found this story on usa today's website.
  • newguy88
    Is the quote feature broken?
    The quote feature would seem to be broken! Whenever I attempt to quote both the quoted text and my response appear in the blue box. 
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  • eastbloc
    Starbucks on Franklin Ave?
    I heard a rumor that the MySpace store front next to Pine Tree was going to become a Starbucks.Anyone else hear anything?
  • nateasensky
    747 Franklin ???
    This is the place right next door to the postal store, across the street from Pearl indian and Cent Anni. It's been vacant since I've been on Franklin, and recently I've seen signs of activity. Anyone know whats up?
  • whynot_31
    931 Carroll, between Franklin and the Shuttle tracks
    Remember when we used to wonder when the area between Empire and EP was going to be further developed? That time is over.
    The subject property is a 52,896 buildable square foot development site with 135 feet of frontage located at 931 Carroll Street in Crown Heights. Ideally situated just ...
  • whynot_31
    A resident of Crown Heights is profiled in The Post
    http://nypost.com/2014/04/23/as-rents-rise-some-stuck-in-affordable-homes-with-moving-too-costly/ ....her situation sounds pretty dire.
  • whynot_31
    Feminist Fireworks on Saturday night in Prospect Park
    I'm too lazy to link one of the articles about said fireworks, but will upload a photo of the preparations with the thought a conversation may begin. image
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  • snowboardqueen
    The Curious Case of 341 Eastern Parkway - aka The Hole.
    There's a new Realtor's sign up at "The Hole" at 341 Eastern Parkway, at the NE corner of Franklin Ave.A few months ago, Crain’s NY reported that "Ofer Cohen, president of the Brokerage firm, TerraCRG Commercial Realty Group, was retained to exclusively market the site".Perhaps, his vision of the ideal tenant/buyer did ...
  • whynot_31
    The Vacant spot left by Climax, 775 Franklin (corner of St Johns)
    A few weeks ago, this space was vacated.Readers, what would you put there? Or (more specifically) what kind of business do you think would be supported by the neighborhood to the degree that it could survive?

  • Baby DJ School registration is now open!
    Hi everyone,
    I'm sharing this class info for a friend. Her class is really fun and parents learn a few tricks too. Check it out!

    Baby DJ School for 3m-36m

    Location: Color Bklyn, 760 Washington Ave, Brooklyn NY 11238 ( btwn. Sterling Pl. & Park Pl.

    $200 for 8 weeks

    Email babydjschool@gmail.com to register

    Wednesdays: 10:30am May 14 - Jul. ...
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  • epiclylaterd
    Former Hummus place on Franklin Ave, soon-to-be Brazilian restaurant
    via http://ilovefranklinave.blogspot.com/2012/04/crown-heights-in-news-falafel-murals.htmlFalafel place coming soon to the nabe. Franklin is becoming a one stop shop for everything. Keep the exciting news coming. Looks like its shaping up to be a great summer with all these businesses popping up.Just a thought but I'm holding out for a pet store and a really nice bookstore on the ...
  • clayfilms
    Guess Whats Coming To Nostrand?
    At this address?? A little birdie told this morning....

  • Verizon Internet at $75/month???
    Has anyone else talked with Verizon to open an Internet-only account recently? They seem to be setting their non-FiOs internet monthly charge at $75 for (new) customers in, at least in my case, Prospect Lefferts Gardens. It's a phone-line connection, which is allegedly why it's so expensive (according to the representative I spoke to) and ...
  • Atlantis Super Wash Center Closing
    The Atlantis Super Wash Center at Nevins St and Atlantic Ave is closing (Nothing lost in terms of customer service!). Does anyone know what will come next?
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