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    Brooklynian was down, it is now back up
    We seem to have lost a few hours of posts from July 3rd, and then reverted to the most recent back up.    We are now back.  

    Happy 4th of July!
  • FREE Yoga in Prospect Park with YogaSole: 10 am, SUNDAYS in July
    All levels *Beginners Most Welcome Invite your Friends, Family & Neighbors ***Bring your Mat*** In this class, students will explore their strength and flexibility through a flow series of postures that incorporates twists, balancing, and some inversion. We will exploring the body's subtleties, celebrate and honor our connection to the natural world. Build your endurance through ...
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  • Performing My Way In The Style Of Frank Sinatra
    1 comment Started by newyorkbikerJuly 3The Lounge / Random Stuff
  • notsayin
    Boutique "The Brooklyn - A Hotel" opening on Atlantic between Bedford & Nostrand
    Here's one that's flown mostly under the Internet's radar - a very cool-looking 34 room hotel looks like it's about to open - on a very gritty block on the south side of Atlantic Avenue, midway between Nostrand & Bedford.

    The former 4-story brick warehouse at 1199 Atlantic was being promoted as a potential hotel site ...
  • Northeast Bed-Stuy / Your hotspots
    I caught an old discussion from 2007, with folks who'd recently moved to the neighborhood exchanging suggestions and asking about spots to go for coffee or drinks.

    To fast forward to summer of 2015, let me ask:

    What are your favorite coffeeshops and drink spots in the area?  

    What, if anything have you seen change in the ...
  • dailyheights
    Brooklyn Back When - Open Thread
    This thread picks up where the old one left off. Happy posting!
  • Missing Cat in Crown Heights
    Ozzie, the world's smallest adult male cat, seems to have jumped out a 2nd story window on President near Franklin.

    Any tips please call 646-245-4060

    Thank you.


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  • klevenick
    Roger That Community Garden May Be Developed
    The Roger That Community Garden is holding a volunteer day/rally this Sunday, January 19 in order to raise awareness of the trouble suddenly facing the garden. In the past weeks, the lot was sold to a local realty company with notice that the garden could be removed as early as next week. We've been in ...
  • Walgreens coming to Empire Boulevard?
    The Q at Parkside has the scoop.  This is great news (if this pans out); whoo hoo!
    Know that big laundromat that recently closed on Empire Blvd, between Washington and Bedford? It's gonna be a Walgreen's. Good ...
  • DA investigating fatal crash of Rabbi Rapp?
    Wondering what others make of this? http://crownheights.info/communal-matters/490550/brooklyn-da-investigation-into-crash-is-ongoing/

    My takeaway is that the police and NYPD don't see eye to eye and there's enough tension for them to push this info on a local Jewish site? 

    As for criminal charges I just hope a real investigation takes place with no politics. 

  • Lost Cat
    I Lost my cat around 6pm on Lewis between macon and halsey. If you come across him please call 718.300.1995

    He responds to Geoffrey (or Joff)

    photo 4 photo 2 photo 3 photo 1
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  • notsayin
    Who leased 290 Flatbush (former Chase Bank)?
    Looks like realty signs are down and gut renovations are in full swing in the former Chase Bank (former Brooklyn Tabernacle for the old-timers). Anyone know what business signed the lease? It's a pretty large commercial space for that part of Flatbush, and the rents up there have soared since Barclays opened.
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  • MOD
    Gold Star Beer Counter - 176 Underhill Ave
    Opening soon! Details: http://goldstarbeercounter.com/ http://instagram.com/goldstarbeercounter For a discussion on the previous Underhill Market, click here http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/comment/554509
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  • Roses Bar & Grill in former Marcos
    Appears no one has mentioned that a new eatery/drinkery has opened in the former Marcos space.

    Roses Bar & Grill is a new venture by the same owners, who also own Franny's as I guess everyone knows.  Been open about a month now.

    Wife and I both had burgers last week.  Pretty flavorful, but a tad small ...
  • Hooti Couture left town
    I have been going to Hooti Couture for many years since I moved to Brooklyn about 7 years ago and was surprised that the store closed up, I saw her in March and we had a lengthy convo and no mention that she would be closing her business.  I heard rumors she moved to Florida, ...
  • capt. planet
    Crime in NYC May Be Lowest In History - Daily News
    For all those folks who like to spin crime as their big hammer against DeBlasio, here's a nice tidbit from the Daily News.

  • whynot_31
    PLG, are you ready for MySpace Realty? They are coming.
    Lefferts Gardens 661 Flatbush Ave. (near Hawthorne) Brooklyn, NY 11225 Coming soon 4/1! http://myspacenyc.com/listings/ Their business model is to be the realtor of choice for LLCs which have recently purchased small to medium-sized buildings. Vacancies are then created by paying off (and/or pushing out) long-term, often rent stabilized, tenants. Once apartments are vacant, quick renovation jobs are completed, which cater ...
  • 2217 Caton Ave, commercial condo, sells for $14m

    "Jonathan Joels’ Portman Property Group purchased a commercial unit at the BeCa Condos in Flatbush for $14.2 million. The 8,700-square foot commercial condo and garage is part of the eight-story building at 2217 Caton Avenue. Gibralt Capital Corporation is the seller. - "

    The ground floor is currently a day care center. The unit has a ...
  • xlizellx
    Apartments in Prospect Heights - Reno
    Cool video -- this series on Apartment Therapy has 2 apartments/homes with identical floor plans and has the occupants show how they use that space.  This is an episode about 2 apartments in Prospect Heights.

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  • whynot_31
    Tivoli towers (Crown and Franklin)
    49 - 57 Crown Street

    This is a reasonably complex conversation, and this article does a good job of providing the foundation for it: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/31/nyregion/31landlord.html?pagewanted=all Fast forward to 2014.... Despite: A. Receiving $ incentives to keep it Mitchell Lama, a protracted court battle and lots of work by politicians B. Very public "victories" claimed by Tish James and many others The ...
  • whynot_31
    What will actually happen to the former Capital One Building at 856 Washington

    Despite several unfounded rumors (i.e. Trader Joe's), I can now confirm that this site has been purchased by a developer and financing is presently being sought for a multi-unit residential building.

    The pro-forma sales estimates are $1300 a sq ft.     

    Unknown at this time if facade will be saved.

    Prior thread on topic:  http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/38905/the-former-capital-one-on-washington-at-lincoln/p1 ...
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  • District 17 -- my frustration mounts
    Yet another interesting charter school with priority for students in districts OTHER than District 17. I don't even want my kid to go to a charter school, but I am angry that this is another school where District 17 families are shafted. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20150306/downtown-brooklyn/more-than-300-kids-apply-for-just-155-spots-new-charter-school
  • whynot_31
    Wonder what goes on inside the Nigerian American Muslim Community Center on Dean near Washington?
    Here's a photo of the building (801 Dean) from Brownstoner: image Here's a just published article about the members of the Nigerian American Muslim Community Center, who own and use the building: http://www.voicesofny.org/2015/02/brooklyn-countering-views-nigerian-muslims/ It is worth reading. Here's an older article that talks about how the building was used back when it was an armory: http://www.brownstoner.com/blog/2011/06/building-of-the-day-801-dean-street/ History buffs might ...
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