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Formerly grilled cheese on Franklin. Now sushi. 563 Lincoln — Brooklynian

Formerly grilled cheese on Franklin. Now sushi. 563 Lincoln

Longtime readers may recall that the original incarnation of Glady's (located at the NW corner of Lincoln and Franklin) was opened by the folks that operated the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck.

I (and I think others...) believed that Glady's would be a brick and mortar version the truck.   

However, it ended up being a restaurant that had a far larger menu, yet wasn't very successful.   The owners pretty quickly closed it and relaunched it as a restaurant serving Caribbean food with a rum focus. 

Photo:   Village Voice

Over a year ago, we were told that a grilled cheese takeout would be opened in a space located in the back of the restaurant, around the corner on Lincoln:

Photo:   Loopnet.   

Today, I was able to look behind the plywood fence that has covered the above storefront for some time and have the following report:

1.   It looks much different,   It has been "de-bricked" is in the process of getting storefront style windows.    

2.  A worker told me construction may be complete within a month.