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Will 770 Nostrand (formerly a pizza place near Sterling) become something fancy? — Brooklynian

Will 770 Nostrand (formerly a pizza place near Sterling) become something fancy?

This place is likely to become a restaurant as a result of previously being one, and having all of the venting and whatnot already in place:

The past:

The listing does not state how much rent the landlord would like, but we are talking about 1300 sq ft, which should make it quite sought after.

Based on the size of the lot, they are likely including the basement in that calculation.

The pizza place certainly was not that large... I wonder if it has a backyard.,74,&sf=,1,2,3,4,5,&l=&pr=,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,&ag=&k=&nc=false&sfc=true&prc=true&pi=0&ps=10&tpg=0&s=0&ty=6&r=1&tt=2,5



  • Someone was going to open up one of these places on Atlantic between Georgia and Pennsylvania. Sign said coming soon and they even went as far as to put up the sign on top of the store. It never opened. I guess they don't do that well in this area and I've never seen any advertising for them. It's now a storefront church.
  • As NY becomes more like the rest of the US, I expect Papa Johns and Dominos to gain market share.

    Their economies of scale will result in lower prices for customers who are more concerned about price than taste.

    Re this location, I think Nostrand is ready for an Indian restaurant. Nothing particularly fancy, but with table service.
  • I just noticed that the gate was half way up on Chica, the Mexican restaurant on Nostrand next to Lulu's Bagels.  I stuck my head under and noticed a person inside and what looked like a menu hanging from the ceiling.
    Is this place finally opening?  The sign has been up for over a year.
    Also, I'm considering doing a piece in my next real estate newsletter about the new restaurants and bars on Nostrand.  I know there was a tally awhile ago that someone was keeping here on Brooklynian.  Does anyone know where it went to?

  • Doesn't Niahmah (on the corner of prospect, a block away) have table service? This location is right near me, and my fingers are tightly crossed for a sit-down restaurant I would frequent more frequently than indian. 
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    @capt. planet-
    Here's that list of the new stuff coming to Nostrand this Spring:

    Here's jabbering about Chika. It's already open, for about 2 weeks:

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    @laura -
    Niahmah does have table service, but I think its business is about 80% delivery. I always seem to forget about them.

    Do you think the area is ready for sit down Thai? [like the places on Washington and approximately Dean, or the one at Franklin and approx Sterling]

  • Thanks for the list.  I'll mos def credit Brooklynian.  
  • Niahmah is no longer Niahmah. It's still Indian, but it has a different name and signage outside. I don't know if it was a change of control or it is a completely different operator in there. I don't recall it being closed for any long period of time so I'd presume the former and not the latter. 
  • It recently became Curry Garden.

    Did it get fancier? Does it now do a good portion of its business as "dine in"?
  • I admit, I haven't gone in, but judging from the sign it's decidedly less fancy.
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    At the moment, what would you say is the fanciest place to "dine in" on Nostrand in CH?

    Meme's Healthy Nibbles for brunch?
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    Yeah, Meme's is currently the only restaurant on Nostrand whose interior is really designed for eating in, and it has a good atmosphere but they don't offer table-service. I'm very very eager for a nice sit-down place on Nostrand. 
  • Probably Meme's. 
  • Friendly reminder to try and keep it on topic everyone, thank you :)
  • I'll change the topic to "Will 770 Nostrand become something fancy?"
  • I hope that it becomes as fancy as a delicious sit-down Thai restaurant. That is what we need. 
  • Udom Thai (on Washington) and Sweet Basil (on Franklin) were among the first sit down restaurants to open on their avenues.

    Dinner for two = $23.

  • I like that price point.
  • Try "none of the above". This location is now a huge nail salon. Maybe next.....
  • Nail salons don't take a lot of capital to open.

    I wish them well.
  • Really? Really? Any pictures? You know, I really want to wish our local business people well. But they suffer from a severe lack of imagination. Yeah, I'm being a little bitchy about this. But we really don't need another nail salon. We're not that vain! 
  • @crownheightster I share your sentiments. I'm sure there are "reasons" but I find it pretty disappointing that yet another nail salon opens on Nostrand, when there is probably at least 1 nail salon on every block between EP and Atlantic...
  • @capt. planet -- Are you sure? Bling Bling nails did move a few months ago from their small run down location across the street to a big bright location right next door to Chicago 60. But as you can see in this photo, they're not one and the same (bling bling is to the right) 


    If it's true that 770 nostrand is a nail salon, then there are two nail salons right next door to each other (and they would have had to tear out a functional kitchen in the pizza place, which seems such a shame!)

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    Also, for what it's worth, that new Bling Bling nails location is actually quite nice - I appreciate having it in the neighborhood. It's clean and very affordable. People seeking much fanicer manicures than I ("nail art") travel from all over brooklyn to get their nails done there: 

  • Their old location (next to Tinto's):


    Their new location (768 Nostrand) which opened three months ago:

  • Laura Palmer's evidence seems convincing.
  • So is the consensus that Chicago60 has not become a nail parlour?

    Thanks for the interior shots, laura palmer. The new location looks pretty nice. I usually do my own nails, but perhaps I'll take a trip there if I suddenly lose my fine motor skills.
  • Looks like Chicago60 is not a nail salon. It is still closed up.
  • I think we should continue to dream of affordable Thai food.

    I never really stopped.
  • Saw some workers at the old Chicago 60 last week. Progress?IMG_0120
  • We should remember that sometimes landlords hire workers simply to make the space more attractive to potential renters...