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Plans for landmarked wooden house, 1375 Dean, are approved by LPC — Brooklynian


  • If you notice, both sides of this house are being propped up by wood that is up against the buildings next to it. I wonder if the developer is going to be able to do away with that.
  • Those supports we not part of the original design, so I suspect LPC would be ok with getting rid of them.

    ...DOB, however, may think they are needed for a least a little while.

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    I'm sure they'd love to get rid of them, they're the only things keeping the house from falling apart. There's a house on Atlantic Ave by Rockaway Ave that has the same problem. If the supports were taken away the house would fall apart. You can see that it's leaning as it is. I don't know if it's caused by age or the house settling or a combination of both but it seems like it's a real problem and somewhat of a hazard to those living there.

    In addition, I wonder what the legal rights are of the people who own the buildings on either side and if they could demand that those supports be taken off their property.
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    I guess wrapping the house in plastic wrap (like is done to keep a pallet of loose items intact) is not a realistic option.
  • Only if they cut away the part that leads to the front door.
  • I suspect LPC would object to the aesthetics. 


  • renovation and restoration now occurring.

    photo not by me.

  • Listings for 2 of the four condos. Priced at 2.3 and 2.7 million each, for 4/5 bedroom units. I used to live next door to the Elkins mansion (had a wonderful view of the shady contractors pulling all the foundation bricks out back in 2009), and I think this is a glorious exterior renovation, with a really apartment design. Wish it was not priced for a Russian oligarch,though.
  • You can buy whole renovated brownstones im Crown Heights for less than that. It's nice but no thanks.
  • Let's see how fast they sell. ...they are staged for buyers with 2 kids, who will send their kids to private schools.