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8 & 12 Fairview Place — Brooklynian

8 & 12 Fairview Place

#8 and #12 Fairview place just sold for a total of $1.4m.
Two unattached wood frames on an otherwise masonry row house block. My crystal ball says they have a bulldozer in their future. 


  • Well, what do you know. 

    Interesting that there will be retail on this block. And large units! Maybe condos?
  • image

    Most of the ground floor will be health care, which is a relatively quiet use.

    So, yes, I think people would be willing to buy an apt above.
  • Man anything that can be developed is getting developed along this part of the 2/5 line. I guess it does make sense because it's a really good area.

    It looks like this one went for 1.35m:

    I was at the open house, it was basically developers, I mean that is sort of who they were catering the sale to (This lot, zoned R6, is 70 x 107 with the potential to build 18,000 square feet of livable space. You must, of course, consult with your expediter and architect for exact specifications. ). It's pending a sale less than a month after listing so I would bet they got full price or just over, otherwise why accept an offer so quickly.  
  • whoa. i did notice the fence around these lots a few weeks ago. pretty nuts! but yes a good idea for developers. let's hope they actually build something soon after tearing these down....down the street on E 31st a woodframe just like this was demolished almost a year ago, and has just been a smelly overgrown lot since then.
  • Work has restarted on this project -again- since they received a Stop Work Order. There was a court order taped on the buildings. Now looks like things are ramping up. Construction crews sectioning the area off with plywood. We'll see what happens next.

  • Construction is starting. 

  • FINALLY. last time i passed by a few weeks back it was just a lot full of 6 foot high weeds. let's hope it doesn't stall like the one down the street on E 31st....
  • Finally is right!  And no joke, those weeds were at least 6ft high...The surrounding neighbors have been calling 311 due to shady activity and not posting the proper permits, etc. so hopefully it is now on track. Yeah, E 31st has just been sitting there for about a year now. Parking in the area has always been tough, it will now be near impossible to get a spot. 
  • The latest on 8 Fairview. Scheduled to be complete by Spring 2018.
  • it's gonna be enormous. do you live on this block? how's the noise? I'm on E 31st and I can see it from my front yard. and it's not even at full height!
  • i live 3 buildings down from it. Noise is ok, just glad I am not right next to it. 2 buildings sold in the past 8 months, and another one (1 Fairview) just went on market, entire block will be transformed in 2 years.
  • Yeah but I would be surprised if the developers made moves on the 18 foot wide brick houses on the East side of the street, zoned R6. They'll fix up and flip 'em, but not tear 'em down!
  • Understood. Sorry, I was referring more to the change in demographics, old neighbors that have lived there for 40 yrs being replaced by those who can afford 950K for buildings on the east side of Fairview.
  • ah yes. i did notice one of those townhouses has a new pair of windowed entry doors and a redone stoop.
  • One last posting