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Giving up my cats.

My cat allergies have gotten out of control and my doctor recommends that I get rid of my cats. I really love them and am torn. I'd almost rather get close to asthma than give up my kitties. I've had them for five months and they are a joy.

I'm still debating this, but if anyone knows anyone who wants two rescued domestic short hair kitties, please let me know. They deserve only the best. I have pics somewhere on the board, but will give more info to anyone interested via PM, not board.


  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Did you know you were allergic when you got them?

    What have you tried so far to alleviate your allergies?
  • So sorry to hear about your allergies! My husband is highly allergic to cats and we have a lot of them. For the past couple of years he's been taking Zyrtec and Flonaise and this has made a huge difference for him. Also, try combing a minute amount of fabric softener through your cats' fur to eliminate the dander which is really what you're allergic to. Doing this once a week should really help. Good luck to you.
  • I ignore my allergy doctor. He always recommends that the ideal situation would be to get rid of the kittehs, and I always ignore his advice. I have slight asthma, plus itchy eyes, and have to use an inhaler and eyedrops from time to time, but my experience is that the more you're exposed to animals, the less allergic you become.
  • I knew I had allergies, but not asthma-like ones. I'd only sniffle here or there. So it's gotten worse. I now have singulair and a couple nasal sprays. Plus a nasal rinse. I have allerpet. I'm going to put some of that on them.
  • get yourself to a naturopath, acupuncturist or some holistic doctor - allergies are a symptom of a overtaxed body with toxins - read up on cleansing your body; your liver, kidneys, etc. and it WILL make a huge difference - dont get rid of the kitties just yet.
  • What a nightmare!! Have you tried any/all of the following?
  • Laura B - That is an excellent article, and true. I am allergic to cats and have had as many as 6 (only 3 now). I do use Zyrtec and the generic Flonase...both are fabulous. The generic is much cheaper and works very well. The trick is to use it daily not just when symptoms appear.

    It can be kept under control. DO wash your hands after petting the cats. Keep Wet Ones around to make it easier. Don't touch your face, especially eyes before cleaning hands. Vacuum, vacuum, then vacuum again.
    Cover your bed with an old sheet if you cannot keep them out of the bedroom entirely. Gently, with a face mask on, fold up that cover sheet before you go to bed. Wipe the kitties down, even just plain old water on a wash cloth will reduce the amount of dander flying around.

    If your allergies have gotten worse recently, it may not be related to the kitties. Look in the drugstores at the over the counter allergy meds, many of them are almost sold out...this has been a bad Spring for allergies. Everyone is complaining, it might not be the kitties at all. Imagine if you gave them away and you still had the same symptoms. Think this through, take some precautions and see what happens.
  • Brooklynbound wrote: I knew I had allergies, but not asthma-like ones. I'd only sniffle here or there. So it's gotten worse. I now have singulair and a couple nasal sprays. Plus a nasal rinse. I have allerpet. I'm going to put some of that on them.
    Keep in mind- its allergy season! When you got them, it wasn't. I'm not allergic to cats, but this weather- humid heat, followed by lots of rain, isn't doing you any favors.

    I bet its not solely the cats.
  • No offense, but only jerks give up pets. (Unless their pets are angry monkeys who rip people's faces off).

    Didn't you study up on being a pet owner and cat hair before you adopted these animals?
  • I agree with you watchu. I've never had such allergies and think it could be a combination. I'm allergic to grass, mold, dust, and other things. So I am not going to resort to giving the cats up at this time unless it is lethal, which it isn't. I think the sprays and singulair along with the rinse will help. I already have the allerpet. Unfortunately, I have a studio. So I can't confine them anywhere.
  • One other tidbit - Static Guard. If you spray your couches, seat cushions, fabric surfaces with it, the hair and dander do not "stick" and are more easily vacuumed/wiped up. Our tubby tabby prefers the leather chair (thankfully) and we have a velvet throw that retains a lot of the hair and dander. That throw gets washed 2x week (along with the dog's bedding) separately. It seems to have helped the bf's allergies.
  • Aw. Poor kitties. Mamacita isn't allergic at all - she will take them!
  • Yes to seasonal allergies. Mine have been very mild to non-existent in my past NY springs, but this one has been over the top for me for months. Even the dog seems to have allergy spurts that coincide with mine so I think it's a heavy pollen year. By bedtime I'm practically scratching my eyes out without some allergy eye drops.
  • scarlett wrote: Aw. Poor kitties. Mamacita isn't allergic at all - she will take them!
    Remind me to sneeze on you tomorrow!
  • Mama's cat is lonely.
  • I too am allergic to my cats, but I bathe them once a month. And at the end of each month I can tell that it is time as my eyes swell. It is not a fun task, and it is one that I put off as long as I can. (And afterwards I take a long nap, as do the cats). But it allows me to keep them and love them. There are so many options for bathing them (the foam, a real bath) and it works. Even my father, whose allergies have been known to be set off being near clothes with cat hair on them, does fine with their cats. As long as they get a bath often.
  • I still have them! LOL.
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  • It has only been 5 years. I am sure you will get rid of them eventually.

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