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Thanks for your many years of support! — Brooklynian

Thanks for your many years of support!

edited April 2018 in Site Issues
The online world has changed quite a bit since 2005, when started as one of the first and only neighborhood-oriented communities in the borough. Today, we've got endless opportunities and options to connect online, most of which didn't exist 13 years ago.

A small but active community still exists here in 2018... But unfortunately, running this as a stand-alone site is no longer sustainable. That means that will be closed to new posts, comments, and conversations as of Friday, April 6.

Fortunately, the discussion about Brooklyn doesn't end here. One site you might want to check out is the Brooklynian group on that other website.

Thanks for your many contributions! You all have shared some really insightful, inspiring, memorable, funny, and above all informative posts about Brooklyn over the years.


  • Forshame!
  • Say it isn’t so! Thanks for running and managing it all these years.
  • I'm just glad I'll continue to have a place to post photos of construction sites that I take while walking my dog. ...what would the area do without them?
  • I'd like to invite people over to the Gothamissed community on disqus. It focuses on NYC-centric news as a whole but I rep for Brooklyn when I can. :)
  • so long it's been good to know you!
  • Should we save old favorite posts? Or will they be fossilized in online amber, here or via The domain name's probably worth a good amount at auction.

    This is a big loss to me, even as mostly a lurker. Thank you for all this hard work. whynot_31, race ya to the last new photo in
  • Thanks. I believe Brooklynian will continue to be online as a reference. ...but won't accept any new comments or posts.

  • I will miss you all and the great conversations, laughs, and friends I've made here. Daily Heights, thank you, man! You made magic here for quite a long time. Now it will live on in our fond memories.
  • Oh I have not been on in such along time. The times we were such a big crowd form the old neighborhood was the best. We started when it was the Dailyslope and Umbria was alive and we were so many every single day. Umbria's music everyday. We dwindled down until it was just a few. Guilty as charged I was one who left when I was such a big part of the thread from day one. I brought so many people to this thread and we had so many wonderful times and so many post of our past. Mamacita I will never forget you and you were always helpful and loving. I am on facebook as Terry Angelo Sherman whenever you are on there. God Bless you and all of us that shared many, many wonderful days on here. xoxoxo Love Terry aka Big Mama
  • Thanks for maintaining this site over the years! Even after I moved onto an island in the middle of the Pacific, I always made sure to check this site regularly to see what was going on in the old neighborhoods. I'll continue to follow neighborhood happenings on FB and via my family still in the area.