• Looks like it happened over where the Defontes sandwich shop is. http://abc7ny.com/news/nyc-officials-5-people-injured-in-brooklyn-shooting/901599/

    Authorities say five people have been wounded in a shooting in Brooklyn, and one has suffered serious injuries.

    Fire Department officials said ambulances responded to reports of gunshot victims at an address in the borough's Red Hook neighborhood shortly before 11 ...
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  • Is it reasonably safe (in terms of both crime and impound possibility) to leave the car for 6-7 hours at the IKEA parking lot on a weekend while I take the IKEA Water Taxi to Manhattan?
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  • Color 200+ local artists will be showing work that addresses turmoil at any scale, geopolitical and personal crises alike. The show will contain works critical and comical, traditional and digital, flat and 3D. There is a special juried section World Out of Order, where Problems such as homelessness, poverty and hunger are addressed and 25% of ...
    1 comment Started by bwacJuly 2014Red Hook
  • A wire-haired Dachshund (wiener-dog with whiskers) slipped away from his new home on a houseboat docked near Ikea. If seen please call 646-287-1406 or 646-265-8788. His name is Flyer & he is friendly, but may be rattled by his situation. Do NOT chase him or yell at him, but quietly follow & call the above ...
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  • Chewie, a young tuxedo cat (with a dash of orange), went missing on Tuesday during the day near Van Brunt and Dikeman streets. He's about a year old or younger (adolescent), very sweet but might be a little shy. Please call Matthew at 347-725-0644. Reward.

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  • Hi,

    My name is Cynthia Tirado and I just recently moved to Red Hook after living in Carroll Gardens for the last 25 years. I am a retiree and supplement my somewhat meager income by selling antiques and collectibles both online (Ebay, Etsy, etc) and out of my home. In ...
    Closed 1 comment Started by ctirado6May 2013Red Hook
  • It's going to be a lovely day to clean out your closets, pick up some new used treasures, and chow down on some flame-grilled grass-fed burgers, artisanal hot dogs and hand-cut fries from the Snap food truck.Noon to 4pm at 100 Sullivan St, right off Van Brunt.https://www.facebook.com/events/286011738179415/redhooklot.tumblr.comwww.snaptrucknyc.com

    Closed 1 comment Started by shredderOctober 2012Red Hook
  • Saturday Oct 6 1-6PM Brooklyn Stories, Readings2-5PM Introduction to Lightroom with Kris JohnsonSunday Oct 7 1-2PM The Elements of Creativity A Reading by Brian Hemphill

    1-3PM Workshop: How to Write an Artist's Statement

    with Fritz Weiss
    Closed 1 comment Started by bwacOctober 2012Red Hook
  • The Snap food truck has recently started vending from a lot in Red Hook at 100 Sullivan St right near Van Brunt St. The truck is typically there Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings from 6-10pm -- more info at redhooklot.tumblr.comOn Sunday September 30, the lot will be open for a community yard sale, ...
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  • Gallery: BWAC - Brooklyn Waterfront Art Coalition

    exhibit: Coming to Brooklyn - celebrating 20 years of art shows in Red Hook

    location: 499 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook Brooklyn

    dates: Sep 22 - Oct 21

    Hours: Sat & Sun, 1:00-6:00 pm

    Link: ...
    Closed 1 comment Started by bwacSeptember 2012Red Hook
  • Anyone here remember Anselmo's on Van Brunt Street?We published a story on its very colorful and controversial owner on Narratively, and would love to hear feedback and memories from Red Hook residents who may have interacted with him

    Closed 1 comment Started by narrativelySeptember 2012Red Hook
  • somewhat routine.http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20120906/red-hook/12-people-arrested-red-hook-drug-sweep

    Closed 1 comment Started by whynot_31September 2012Red Hook

    Sunday, February 26th 1PM to 4PM FREE Entertainment, refreshments, face painting, petting zoo, pony rides, and much more.Bumblebees R-Us Day Care

    76 Lorraine Street..Brooklyn NY 11231

    For information call 718-858-8811

    Closed 1 comment Started by jheintzFebruary 2012Red Hook
  • my van is 8.7 feet hight( about).

    anyway i can't fit into the parking lot for sure. i have customers to pickup.

    So first they tell me i can't fit into parking lot. which is fine and i know. i point over to the return and exchange parking lot ...
    Closed 17 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by olegSeptember 2011Red Hook
  • My cat Thenther was last seen Saturday the 10th near the Valentino Pier. She is very small but not a kitten with tan markings and yellowish green eyes. She is very talkative and friendly. Please report any information about her where abouts. She is a very special cat. 646-415-1363 Thanks!

    Closed 1 comment Started by elizaSeptember 2011Red Hook
  • I am looking to get married in Redhook this summer and looking for a place to hold a garden style wedding. I am hoping for a place that has some character and would hold about 150.
    I love the neighborhood and would be so happy to find a spot that we could work with (tents ...
    Closed 2 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by catwalkertexasrangerApril 2011Red Hook
  • This is just too perfect...The city snowplow that came down my block today got stuck half way down the block and sat there spinning its wheels until 7.5 hours later, when a sanitation tow truck came and gave it a nudge. Now traffic can theoretically drive down the block--except that it's still un-plowed.
    Closed 1 comment Started by winnicotDecember 2010Red Hook
  • So I had dinner at Fort Defiance and wrote about it (eateryrow.com) and there was a notice on the door about their Thanksgiving Day pig roast (!). Anybody on here planning on going?

    Closed 1 comment Started by eateryrowNovember 2010Red Hook

  • I was at home yesterday (Sat 11/20), around 9 p.m. when all the lights went out, a loud boom seemed to come from a couple blocks away, then my lights went back on. I looked out the window to see other lights coming back on and and then the street lights. Just ...
    Closed 1 comment Started by ligeiaNovember 2010Red Hook

  • Hello Everyone!

    I just move in Red Hook few weeks ago and i want to know if everyone like me can hear the loud music playing all the night long during the week end ( Sound like a big dance club ). I dont know where exactly it come from... I dont ...
    Closed 4 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by lzaNovember 2010Red Hook
  • I'm in search of a space in Brooklyn which would be appropriate for an event with about 100 or less people. Does anyone have any suggestion?? Preferably not a restaurant or someplace with a caterer already attached to it. A view would be ideal, but not necessary.

    Thanks for your help
    Closed 13 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by jeffreyNovember 2010Red Hook
  • Forth Annual Red Hook International Film and Video Festival.

    A Film Festival with a particular interest in Brooklyn films and filmmakers.
    Films are from all around Brooklyn, New York City, and beyond.

    Festival screenings will take place on October 16th & 17th
    at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artist's Coalition's new Red ...
    Closed 1 comment Started by redhookfilmsOctober 2010Red Hook
  • Why doesn't somebody boycott Fairway? It's hard to find a parking space on weekends.
    Closed 4 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by bootstrapSeptember 2010Red Hook
  • Any idea when the ball fileds are opening? Last year there was so much drama it was easy to keep up on it, now the internets are completely quiet. I want me some tupperware ceviche!
    Closed 4 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by sammygMay 2010Red Hook
  • We were at Fairway yesterday (Monday) in the morning and the place was crawling with tv production people for a reality show. The subjects were a man and woman, late 30's, vaguely biker-ish (ie, Harley), who just seemed to be shopping. I asked one crewperson and he said it was for Food Network.
    Closed 2 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by walkathonMay 2010Red Hook
  • Is anyone familiar with this charter school? It was started last year. I would like to hear from parents who have their children enrolled there?
    Closed 10 comments Jump to: Most Recent Comment by jujubApril 2010Red Hook

  • A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things: An Aquatic Spectacular of Conservation and Change

    Inspired by the Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaid Park - one of the nation's oldest roadside attractions (and smallest cities) - A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things is a floating fantasia, staged on board a docked barge in Brooklyn's historic Red Hook ...
    Closed 1 comment Started by rosasharneApril 2010Red Hook
  • Does anyone know how to volunteer to work at the gardens on Columbia and what that entails?

    Closed 1 comment Started by emmavizApril 2010Red Hook
  • Can anyone recommend a good CAT grooming place in the area? I've heard Let's Pet is good for dogs but not cats. The whole reason I want my cats to get groomed is to spare them of the chaos of moving, and I don't want them going somewhere that will stress them out as much ...
    Closed 1 comment Started by emmavizMarch 2010Red Hook
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So I used to Roller Derby and miss skating. I retired last year but am itching to roll with other girls....I guess it would be cool for anyone, espically ex-derby girls and there friends or jeerleaders!!!!! I'm not really sure how to go about it all but where there is a will ...
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