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  • looking for cleaning lady in bay ridge

    I am looking for someone to clean my apt every other week and would love recommendations from someone in the bay ridge vacinity. I've never had a cleaning lady before so I don't really know where to start and craigslist is a bit of a crap shoot. Would love to hear from someone ...
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  • Got a ticket for dirty sidewalk
    My dad got a $100 ticket for dirty sidewalk. For some reason, the ticket has my mom's name even though we never give him any of our names. All these years I didn't know they give a ticket of just a few garbage on OUR sidewalk. The guy even complained we got garbage in our ...
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  • Cats and a Poodle up for adoption
    Hi, my neighbor has to give away her pets because of a landlord issue. If you are interested

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  • Yoga in Brooklyn
    If you're new to yoga or if you like a yoga challenge, check out Shanti Baby Yoga. Monday night at 8pm is Back-to-Basics where we'll work on proper alignment in poses. It's great for beginners or experienced yogis to deepen their practice. Thursday at 8pm is Revv-up and Restore. We'll do a fast-paced flowing yoga ...
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  • Lost Dog!!! (small, black and tan)
    Hey guys, my friend's dog ran away in Bay Ridge last night. His name is Hurricane. He is skittish around strangers but will respond to treats/food. He's about 25 pounds, and is black and tan. He has a microchip, but was not wearing his collar when he got out of my friend's gate. He was ...
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  • Brooklyn 11223 is Bay Ridge's Answer to Jersey Shore
    Paging Tony Manero... Bay Ridge now has its own version of Jersey Shore:
    A once tightknit group of girls from the Brooklyn ’hood are still at each other’s throats over an alleged heinous act of betrayal years ago — and their long-simmering beef has spurred a new documentary TV series called “Brooklyn 11223.”The show, which ...
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  • Woman with 45 Cats Facing Eviction: BRU to host adoption Event
    Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella is planning an adopt-a-thon for a woman facing eviction. she must place 45 cats or leave her home. from March 2 to March 11 at Petco on Stillwell Avenue is allowing BRU to set up 2 tables with cages for these cats.We need a large strong table and 6 cages or donations ...
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  • Old Brooklyn is a 115-year-old ice cream parlor on Third Ave.
    Source: via Joe on PinterestA narrow ice-cream parlor on Third Ave. is marking its 115th birthday in March ...While Anopoli Ice Cream Parlor & Family Restaurant is the latest name on the front sign, at least three other clans have managed the ...
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  • April 29th: “The Fruit of the Spirit” Musical Performance
    A special performance, “The Fruit of the Spirit in Words and Music," will be presented with organ and full Choir based on Paul’s letter to the Galatians and will feature hymns along with narration. Galations 5:22 eloquently presents a simple statement of the nine visible attributes of a good life and serves as the ...
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  • Lenten Easter Services in Bay Ridge
    Lenten & Easter Events at Bethlehem Lutheran Church4/1: Palm Sunday service (10:30am)

    4/5: Passover Seder (6:00pm - RSVP) followed by Maundy Thursday service (7:30pm)

    4/6: Good Friday service (7:30pm)

    4/8: Easter - Breakfast (9:00am), followed by our Easter Sunday service (10:30am)

    4/29: Fruit of the Spirit Musical Presentation (10:30am)Bethlehem Lutheran Church
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  • Changes?
    I wonder if any of you can tell me if the following places in Bay Ridge have "changed" or still exist. If they have changed, what is there now:Ovington Bowling Alleys-Ovington Ave above 5th

    Bay Ridge Masonic Temple-Bay Ridge Ave (69th St)

    Alpine Theater-5th Ave in the 60s or 70's

    Hamilton House ...
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  • Trader Joes for Bay Ridge
    Rumors have circulated that Trader Joes is interested in coming to Brooklyn. If you want Trader Joe's to come to Brooklyn, come join our Facebook Group.

    Staten Island was able to get their Trader Joes this way. join and invite everyone you know. Who knows - it might work.

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  • Lost Dog: Black and White lab mix. Please help!
    Last seen at 1pm, 11/19/2011 at West 6th st, between Ave P and Quentin road, Bensonhurst, BrooklynHe responds to Lucky!He's a Black and White Labrador mix -- weighs about 65lbs, male neutered.Please email if you have seen him! Reward if found. Please help us!also a tidbit of clue that might help us track him ...
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  • Hair Cut Hair Coloring

    Could anyone recommend someplace in either Dyker Heights or Bayridge or anywhere else near by that is very good cutting hair & hair coloring with reasonable prices?Thank you so much

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  • Christmas Pageant in Bethlehem...Where Else
    Join us as our Sunday School children teach us the true meaning of Christmas at our annual Christmas Pageant. And, come home to Bethlehem for our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (12/24 at 11PM) or Christmas Morning Service (12/25 at 10:30AM). Bethlehem Lutheran Church

    4th & Ovington Avenues, Bay Ridge

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  • Naked woman rampages through Bay Ridge
    Sounds interesting. My favorite quote - "I told her to stop and she threw a watermelon at me." first-hand accounts?

    Closed 82 views 1 comment Started by whyfi Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst
  • Sublet in Bay Ridge (Dec-Feb)
    Hello,I have an out-of-town guest coming for a long visit (early Dec - early Feb), and I need to sublet an apartment (not a share and furnished). I used to have no problem finding sublets when I lived in Park Slope, but have run into difficulties here in Bay Ridge. I've checked Craigslist, AirBnB, ...
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  • NYC Mayor's Cup Soccer All-Star Games
    The NYC Mayor’s Cup Soccer All-Star Games will bring together the best boys and girls soccer players from the city’s public, Catholic and independent high schools for two days of exciting action! The games will take place at Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, beginning on Saturday, November 19th with the public school ...
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  • Brooklyn Car Service
    The best car service is who help our community. Abatar Car Service twitt 50% off any airport jobs...going or comming back. That make Abatar our Brooklyn Best Car Service.Using twitter with many followers, Abatar never back empty from airports. That's smart idea to explore the technologyAbatar olso created express minivan service to New York City. ...
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  • soapmaker in Bay Ridge
    Just wanted to share an article about a small-business crafter in Bay Ridge: Metropolis Soap Co.!

    Closed 52 views 1 comment Started by oriana Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst
  • 24 Hour Laundromat in Dyker Heights?
    I live near 11 Avenue and 65 Street. Which would be the nearest 'round the clock place to clean my clothes?

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  • Seeking Thursday Night Babysitter Bay Ridge
    Seeking mature babysitter to pick up my sons ages 7 and 10 from afterschool (73rd/ridge) on Thursday evenings at 5:00 pm each week beginning Sept 1. Will work until approx. 10:30 pm, assist with homework and prepare dinner. If interested, please send proper letter describing your experience and references. Thanks in advance.

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  • Best Pizza in Dyker Heights Brooklyn
    Can anyone tell me who makes the best pizza in Dyker Heights Brooklyn?

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  • Cross Training Fitness Meetup Group at Leif Ericson Park starting July 21 at 7pm
    The purpose of this group is to help others start their journey of having a better quality of life through fitness.Our Cross Training Fitness Group Workout will be taught by Sam G. Sam has CrossFit certifications in CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification; CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification; CrossFit Mobility Certification; CrossFit Rowing Certification. Sam is also ...
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  • Rental space?

    I'm looking for a rental space in dyer heights, Bensonhurst, bay ridge, or park slope for about 150 people for my daughters first birthday in December. Trying to plan now because I know I need to book soon because of holiday parties. I'm hoping to find a place where all ...
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  • Please rescue Jack Russel
    My Chinese neighbor's have this really nice 8-9 year old Jack Russel. The problem is they just had a baby and now they are neglecting the poor dog. The dog is gated up in a tiny space all day & all night because they are so paranoid the baby will catch some kind ...
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  • !@#$% vietnamese place stop doing take over a while back
    too god damn lazy to go pickup my own food. well sometimes they delivery, 99% of the time, when i call the guys go pickup. So i'm boycotting them till they delivery full time.
    Pho Tay Ho Vietnamese Restaurant
    is the name of the place.

    Closed 54 views 1 comment Started by armchair_warrior Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst
  • Parking Space for Rent in Dyker Heights
    Hi All

    We have a parking spot to rent for a small car in Dyker Heights near the Post Office. Let me know if anyone is interested. We are renting the space for $110.00 per month.

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  • Car accident on 4th and Senator pl
    Did anyone manage to witness the car accident on 4th ave and senator place yesterday between a black lexus and a honda? The honda ran a red light and I'm trying to prove he is at fault. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Your Brooklyn Real Estate Experts
    Thinking about buying or selling a house, co-op or condo? From decorating to financing, come meet Brooklyn’s finest Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Decorators and Attorney's on Thursday April 28th at 6:30pm at Cebu Bar & Grill (corner of 88th & 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge). For more information on this event please visit

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