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  • Yummy For My Tummy
    This is for the foodie in you...

    After 6 years living in the Crown , finding good food is still a challenge. Let me rephrase...Finding satisfying, non-West Indian food, is the challenge. Finding a nice, sit-down restaurant is close to impossible. I always have to venture outside of the Crown if ...
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  • Finding Chorizo sausage -Mexican style and raw?
    Weekend breakfast hasn't been the same without my chorizo and jalapeno frittadas. Does anyone know where to get real mexican chorizo. The kind that comes in a plastic casting and is all mushy and raw inside?

    Also, does anyone know where to get "Soyrizo," the vegetarian version?

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  • Homemade Samoas (Girl Scout Cookies)
    If you love Girl Scout cookies, like me, you'll want this recipe from

    Homemade Samoas (a.k.a. Caramel de-Lites) Cookies

    1 cup butter, soft
    1/2 cup sugar
    2 cups all purpose flour
    1/4 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    up to 2 tbsp milk

    Preheat oven to ...
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  • Great new bistro in Ditmas Park
    I got to try Pomme de Terre, a new French bistro on Newkirk at Argyle Road (right by the Newkirk stop on the Q and B trains). It's from the chef from Farm on Adderly and the man behind Patois. The restaurant is very inexpensive for the quality of food- entrees would easily be at ...
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  • How is the food at.............
    Anyone eat at the new restaurant on the corner of Grand Ave and Fulton St in Clinton Hill? Any feedback. Saw it in passing...wondering how it is.
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  • brunch at the Met
    The Met. museum has a weekend brunch that overlooks the park for members this summer. My mom wants to go when she visits, but I'm wondering if it's worth the trek up there when we have so many options near home.

    Maybe they do this every summer. Has anyone gone? How ...
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  • The Sublime at The Islands
    I had the jerk lamb this weekend. Do you know how incredibly good that stuff is? The stewed chicken is nice and all, but jerk lamb . . . wow.
    They finish it up fresh: jerk gravy, fresh tomato slices and a whole habanero sliced and simmered up with thick slices of roasted spice-rubbed lamb. ...
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  • New (?) restaurant on corner of 3rd Ave/9th Street
    Driving up 9th St this weekend I noticed a new-looking restaurant (bar?) on the corner of 3rd Ave (on my right-hand side) - hard to tell what it might be, but it looked reasonably busy.

    Anyone know anything about it? (I did a search but couldn't see it mentioned anywhere).
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  • For alafairnadia
    And all those that like ethiopian food

    Having never had it before I expect to join you for diner one night ;)
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  • what's your favorite comfort food -- DELIVERY
    Subject: what's your favorite comfort food -- DELIVERYanyone here who has read enough of my posts knows that i am both a foodie and a cook. normally, when i want comfort food i make it myself.

    unfortunately, i had surgery yesterday and am not allowed on my feet for a few days, and ...
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  • Brooklyn Restaurant Week- March 24-31
    It's baacccckkkkk!!

    Here's the link to all the info...

    Good dining :D
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  • mexican vanilla extract?
    i am looking for some gooooood mexican vanilla extract. i've tried italian, madagascar, tahitian, etc., but my favorite is mexican. anyone know where i can locate some in brooklyn, preferably either in/near the slope, or near mass transit (i'm in a cast and walking with a cane, so my traveling capabilities are limited ...
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  • valentine dinner and live music @le toukouleur
    bring your valentine for dinner and live music on february 14 th @le toukouleur restaurant
    1116 bedford ave
    brooklyn NY
    $35 singles and $65 couples
    Closed 43 views 1 comment Started by dolcefiore Brooklyn Eats
  • Cooking Class with Peter Berley: Registration Date Extended!
    Author of The Flexitarian Table and Fresh Food Fast, and instructor at The Natural Gourmet Institute, Peter Berley will teach us how to create inspired, flexible meals for vegetarians, meat lovers and everyone in between!

    February 24 from 1pm – 3pm
    Location: Get Fresh 370 5th Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215
    Cost: $40
    RSVP: ...
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  • Laila (Middle Easter food) closed, any clues?
    Our fav South Slope (15th St./7th Ave) Middle Eastern 'raunt closed (it seems) a few weeks back. Been meeting to post for a while, been a tad busy...

    Anyone have any clues?

    We normally had take out, so I have no idea what their sit down biz was, or wasn't. Such an ...
    Closed 36 views 1 comment Started by lostingreenwoodhts Brooklyn Eats
  • Alchemy
    Went here for first time for brunch yesterday. Cool place. Food was pretty good. Nice beer selection. Would return.
    Closed 55 views 6 comments Started by innocent x Brooklyn Eats
  • JIMMY'S DINER in Williamsburg
    Subject: JIMMY'S DINER in WilliamsburgJust wanted to share about where Josh Cohen has opened a new restaurant ... JIMMY'S DINER ... in N.Wburg, 577 Union, 718.218.7174

    Josh owns SAMPLE in Cobble/Boreum Hills but also was the BBQ wizkid owner of BISCUIT in Park Slope.

    Wonderful homemade tastes, burgers, pulled pork and fried chicken ...
    Closed 90 views 2 comments Started by mxebmama Brooklyn Eats
  • Geido

    Bad service, cold edamame, shitty fish. Fuck this joint.
    Closed 70 views 5 comments Started by innocent x Brooklyn Eats
  • Free Brunch Jan 1st 1PM-5PM
    Dear Neighbors,

    January 1st we are hosting a complimentary (AKA Free) buffet brunch
    featuring our favorite dishes.

    Come spend a lazy afternoon with us and recover from your New Years Eve

    We hope you can join us between 1pm-5pm

    Happy Holidays,

    Eda + Joe
    Square Root Cafe
    584 ...
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  • Help need fish
    So Christmas Eve is coming and I called my usual fish store to find out they have closed! Does anyone know (can be Brooklyn or Manhattan) of a fish store where I can get fresh shellfish (cleaned, etc.)?
    Closed 102 views 17 comments Started by stacey Brooklyn Eats
  • Bouche du Noel
    Or however it's spelled. I'm looking for a Christmas cake--one of those that looks like a tree log--as I volunteered to bring one to a dinner and thought I'd just whip one up. Having just looked at a few recipes for it I'm rethinking the making it from scratch thing and looking into buying one. ...
    Closed 76 views 7 comments Started by samosetsal Brooklyn Eats
  • South Slope in today's NY Sun...Union Market a-commeth.
    Subject: South Slope in today's NY Sun...Union Market a-commeth.

    New York Sun
    New Supermarket Signals Change in South Park Slope

    BY BRADLEY HOPE - Staff Reporter of the Sun
    December 13, 2007

    With the arrival next week of South Park Slope's first high-end supermarket, the neighborhood is taking a significant ...
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  • complimentary glass of wine with your dinner
    Monday December the 10th 2007 @8pm live jazz band, dinner and a complimentary glass of wine
    1116 bedford ave brooklyn
    Closed 32 views 1 comment Started by dolcefiore Brooklyn Eats
  • Gluten Free
    I am looking for place to have dinner that have gluten free options.
    Any ideas?
    Closed 44 views 1 comment Started by gretel Brooklyn Eats
  • New Prospect Cafe - Shuttered?
    I just read in NY Magazine's "Grub Street" blog that the New Prospect Cafe has mysteriously closed for good this week. Does anyone have any further information on this? I'll peer into their windows when I get home from work tonight (I live nearby), but that probably won't result in much.

    (I won't ...
    Closed 84 views 1 comment Started by meganlibrarian Brooklyn Eats
  • Greek coffee???
    Any coffee shops in PH/PS area that sell really good, authentic Greek coffee (frappé)? Would love something open on the weekend with an atmosphere good for conversation, and must sell iced tea or something for the non-coffee drinkers.

    Closed 32 views 3 comments Started by chocokitty Brooklyn Eats
  • MOIM - Bruni/NY Times Review

    I love their food - a they are super nice folks
    Closed 46 views 2 comments Started by livetotravel Brooklyn Eats
  • Italian Pastry
    Looking at some old posts, circa 2005, it seemed like Court St Pastry is the place to get authentic Italian pastries. Is that still accurate? Are there any places in the Slope or Heights that would rival that?

    I usually pick up stuff from Veneiro's in the East Village ...
    Closed 35 views 1 comment Started by turtle95 Brooklyn Eats
  • Franny's - Bruni review
    Subject: Franny's - Bruni reviewEater is predicting two star review from Bruni. Seriously? I've been to Franny's, and I've found it to be decent...but far from worth of "two Bruni stars".

    Closed 122 views 18 comments Started by brookfetish Brooklyn Eats
  • Prospect Heights Menu Sharing
    Please feel free to link your favorite menus - I thought that this might be particularly helpful for the restaurants that MenuPages doesn't cover.

    We can start up other threads for other neighborhoods, but it will probably be easiest to classify by where the restaurant is located, not the restaurant's delivery range - ...
    Closed 55 views 3 comments Started by whyfi Brooklyn Eats