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Hamilton Dog House--Get your Pet photographed w.Santa

I am not affiliated with the above business but really like the store a lot and know many people were sad when the pet food store closed on PPW. This one is deeper into Windsor Terrace (on East Third and Ft. Hamilton Parkway) but it is both a store and an animal rescue center. The owners are very dedicated to finding homes for stray animals. They have dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and right now a chicken. They have all the major pet food brands and also do grooming.

On Saturday the 22nd they will have Santa there from 12:00 to ?. You can bring your pet in to be photographed on Santa's lap. Don't think my cat would really go for that though.

If you do come down to lower WT to go to Hamilton Dog house, you can also stop in at Estelle right on Ft. Hamilton Parkway that has GREAT gifts made by local artists and have lunch at Thai tonys also on Ft. Hamilton Parkway.
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