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The birds of Prospect Heights — Brooklynian

The birds of Prospect Heights

edited November -1 in Prospect Heights
I don't have a backyard but on the fire escape I've fashioned a little bird sanctuary with a feeder and birdhouse (the birds don't use it but the squirrels do, in fact a squirrel died in it not to long ago, pictures available upon request). Anyway, we got lots of birds at the feeder, namely bluejays, cardinals, housefinches, mockingbirds... last summer we had some orioles and just recently we had dark eyed juncos. Anyone else notice the birds?


  • Subject: pictures available upon request


    Oh, wait. You mean pictures of the dead squirrel?
  • Yes, I documented the whole event. I have some bird photos too!
  • They aren't the best photos but no one expects me to be Nan Goldin (or do they?) This is from last summer, house finches:



    Mourning Doves

    And these are really blurry because they were so far away, but they're Orchard Orioles so..

    Now say the word and the dead squirrel saga is yours. (Please someone say they want to see pictures of a dead squirrel).
  • Subject: Let's hear the dead squirrel saga!

    I love a good dead squirrel story.
  • Subject: Birds

    Great photos of the birds! I hadn't thought of putting out a birdfeeder, but will have to do that now.

    Prospect Park has something like 200 species of birds (hence the Audubon Center at the boathouse), so you are likely to see quite a large variety in your yard.
  • Subject: stupid birds

    I had a bird feeder up on my deck a couple of years ago, and all sorts of beautiful birds showed up. But they crapped all over the deck, and the spilled seed started to sprout in the gutters (I had sunflowers!), and the squirrel mafia started to take over the deck, so the feeder didn't come back the next year.
  • FYI, there are chickadees and tufted titmouse all over the park lately, check out the "Vale of Cashmere", around the fountain.