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okay, yes, i started the thread about bay ridge (i appreciated all the responses and thoughts...) but now i'm wondering about windsor terrace as a place to live and, more importantly, how do you find out about apartments there? (other than craigs list.) i gather they don't have their own message board! does any one here live there...? it seems there is one real estate company (openoptions), maybe a few others in w.t., than a bunch in park slope which also cover over there. thanks for any ideas, thoughts. !


  • windsor terrace is great. however, you have to get a place near ppw and the 15th st subway stop (F). some of the blocks down ppw sw - while nice - are not really near anything but prospect park.
  • Park Slope realtors do get listings in Windsor Terrace. i got to see a few places there when I last apt-hunted. you definitely get a bit more in the space and "old world Brooklyn" department, but you're going to live and die with the F train on 15th.
  • I'm a big fan. I haven't shopped there recently but you could get better space, proximity to the park, and reasonable amenities at a good discount to park slope. Parking is easier too. You can check out open options and John P Burke for local listings, as well as the PS brokers, but you can also occasionally see a sign in the window for some tiny, obscure or out-of-the-neighborhood broker, so it's worth driving/walking around (esp if looking to buy).
  • I live in WT/Kensington border and yes, there is a yahoo group for the neighborhood (KWTneighbors) and many of the good deals on apartments are found on signs outside of people's houses or posted at the local stores. There is no night life over here and the F sucks but it is still like what people are nostalgic for before the slope became the new upper east side as far as lots of artists, old timers, musicians, firemen, teachers, designers (not as pretty of a neighborhood but has a strong neighborhood feel and isn't as far as Bay Ridge).
    Good luck
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    hi. thanks so much for the feedback. I hear you, Kensington Mom re: what Park Slope is like now and what Kensington/W.T. has to offer -- P.S. is almost a bit too precious at the moment, as much as it has amazing qualities. (thanks for the info about the list serve.) I understand the limitation of the trains but in Bay Ridge you 're stuck with the R, in Crown Hgts the 2, 3 ... so most areas you do sort of have 1 train option. the idea of more space and near the park and a little quieter, etc. seems very nice at the moment. :)

    I appreciate people's thoughts!

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    I'd avoid Open Options, personally. I had a horrible experience with them, and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

    (Anon for the obvious reason.)
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    thanks for the heads up!

    what about Towne Realty ? has anyone dealt with them?

    thanks much!

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