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Assault on N.4th Berry

About 20 minutes ago, I was walking on N. 4th towards Berry (from Bedford) when a hispanic male, mid 20s, heavy set and about 5'7" passed me on the sidewalk, as he was walking towards Bedford. He then turned around after he passed me, came up behind me and grabbed my... rear end... quite forcefully, reaching to areas which should not be grabbed by strangers. I quickly turned around and yelled, "what the f*** do you think you are doing?!" and when he kept walking, I began to chase him and scream at him running up N.4th. I continued to chase him to Bedford and we made a left heading north on Bedford before I lost him. A man in his 40s started chasing him with me (thanks!) but neither of us could catch up.
I just want to let any women in the area know that this guy is out there, hopefully he won't do this again.
He was wearing a black shirt with small red stripes, a black baseball cap and black bookbag.


  • Nasty!

    I hope an air conditioner falls on his head.
  • Ugh, disgusting the way some people act. I'm sorry you hadta go through that. Had that been at about 1:40 am my friends and I woulda been drunk in fronta Levee and came runnin to the rescue. Strength in numbers :)
  • That is really messed up, I hope you are doing okay.
  • I had a similar experience in the same area last night. I was walking on N 7th from the Bedford L to my apartment. A Hispanic man on a bicycle came up behind me, partly lifted up my skirt and grabbed my ass, and then biked off. I called the police but didn't end up filing a report because I couldn't give a good description of the guy (it was dark, raining, and I was too stunned to register much about him before he biked off).
    I don't know if this was the same person who assaulted the above poster, but I'm really angry and disgusted that women have to deal with this.
  • ugh, that is sickening.
  • Subject: So Very Sorry

    If I were a woman, I would get a gun. Shoot them once or twice and they will not do it again.

    Trust me on this.

  • one word .....

  • Technically, what happened wasn't assault. It was battery.

    Assault = Fear of imminent physical contact but no actual contact occurs
    Battery = Physical contact occurs

    Thus endeth the lesson.
  • Skiritai wrote: Technically, what happened wasn't assault. It was battery.

    Assault = Fear of imminent physical contact but no actual contact occurs
    Battery = Physical contact occurs

    Thus endeth the lesson.
    Huh? Assault involves contact.
  • Skiritai wrote: Thus endeth the lesson.
    Not at all... the lesson is only beginning!

    Under common law, assault is essentially an attempt or threat to commit battery, which involves physical contact intended to cause harm or injury.

    However, often an "assault" precedes a "battery." It doesn't then disappear, the person was a victim of both so the use of "assault" wouldn't be inaccurate; it'd be incomplete. That's where the common law term "assault and battery" comes from.

    But New York Penal Law doesn't define battery at all, and every level of "assault" as defined under the Penal Law does involve physical contact and in fact some resulting injury. Depending on the specific circumstances, if there's no contact you're probably talking about a form of "menacing" or perhaps "harassment."

    Whether it is more appropriate to use common law definitions or NY Penal Law definitions in forum thread titles... well I have no idea.

    The act described in the original post here, though, would most likely be charged in New York as "forcible touching" under Penal Law Section 130.52. So perhaps the term that "technically" should have been used: "Forcible Touching on N.4th & Berry."

  • Sorry that something like that happened to you,too many sickos out there. Most likely this mutant was in jail before. If I ever happen to come across an incident like that I will chase him down and give him a good beating which he deserves.

    It's guys like this who give all guys a bad name. Now unfortunately PH724 is going to be paranoid and think that every guy walking down the street is like that. It must suck to be a female,especially an attractive one,you get no respect,no privacy.
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