Does anyone know anything about Regent Place in Flatbush? — Brooklynian

Does anyone know anything about Regent Place in Flatbush?

Hi Everyone,
My boyfriend and I are considering moving into an apartment in 2025 Regent place. We LOVE the neighborhood and the apartment, though under renovation, seems great. Last night I googled Regent Place and it came up in a forum on a list of the absolute worst/most dangerous areas in all of Brooklyn. Is this true? Would it be unsafe for me to come home by myself at night? Does anyone know anything about the building 2025 Regent specifically?
Please help!
Thank you!!


  • Well in this case believe what you read!

    If you and the boyfriend take a walk through the area during the day and again at night you will get a sense of living there.... and statistically you will survive the adventure but living there and coming home late at night? Do it often enough and odds are not so good for your safety.
  • Thanks for responding. We've decided to take our chances and signed the lease yesterday... I appreciate the input though!
  • A couple of people have sent me messages regarding this post, so I just want to follow up these few years later. I did end up moving there, and though it was somewhat uncomfortable initially I never had any problems with safety. I do not live in the building anymore, but I live nearby and love the area. The neighborhood, and Regent Place itself, has changed a lot. It's still nothing like, say, Park Slope, but I personally think it's a great place to live. Ditmas Park is wonderful.

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