LOST DOG 7/25/08: Shin Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier — Brooklynian

LOST DOG 7/25/08: Shin Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier

Stella is still missing! Stella is a 1 1/2 year old female shihtzu/yorkshire terrier mix, with long hair that falls all over her face, very pretty, variated colors all over that range through whites, browns, greys, and a little bit of black highlights. Although someone could have completed her haircut,Stella was in a process of getting a cooler summer haircut when she got out, so she was cut (scissored) short on her stomach, legs, and sides, but full length on her face, throat, back, and feet, which made her stand out from other shihtzu mixes. She is small, a little bit bigger than a cat, and is very friendly. We believe she has probably been taken in by someone, so please if you found a dog that could be this contact us, and if you see a dog that is new in your area ask if it could have been found recently, many people in our neighborhood do not access internet and she is lovable enough to motivate a person to adopt or sell her quickly. we need her back, she is really a full family member to us. we are offering a reward for return or info that leads to return of her. Please call Kelvin at 917 340 5530 if you have any information. I can also be emailed at keolwyn@yahoo.com The link to her web page with a photo is: http://dogdetective.com/dog-details.cfm?dogid=993832


  • Addendum: Stella is still missing. This dog's coat has two layers. The outer coat is long, silky and variated colors. The undercoat is primarily white except for the brown on her ears. If someone gave her a full summer cut she would appear mostly white with brown/grey on her ears and some on her face. Some people say she also looks like a Havanese. If you know of anyone who has adopted or been given such a dog recently please call. It would be obvious by Stella's reaction if she were our dog.The reward should cover all expenses incurred. Thank you.
  • Stella is still missing. I thank all the people who have given us leads and have kept their eyes open for her. We have been able to help reunite other dags with their owners, but still have not found Stella. It would be a comfort to know she was safe in someone elses home and if they were willing to return her we would certainlly help them get their own puppy.
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