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Rent Control/Stabilization

Does anyone know how you can find out what rent the tenant immeidately prior to you was paying?

I think mylandlord jacked mine up more than allowable.

I know landlords are allowed a certain increse. I know they are allowed an increase over and above that if they do "Major Capital Improvements," based on a percentage of the cost of the MCIs.

I think my landlord inflated (or maybe outright made up) prices of "improvments" in order to jack up the rent higher.



  • Shewt, sorry just answered my own question. Should have dug a little more before I posted:

    "However, a complete copy of the MCI application with all the supporting documentation will always be available at the DHCR's Queens office for tenant review upon written request. "
  • Yeah, but my beef with those MCI's is that they include the cost of the super's salary in the "costs" of the improvements. That's a complete crock in my view, they have to pay the super anyway, they should only be allowed to include variable costs, not fixed.
  • What makes you think he just made up the rent? What is the rent? location?
  • I called 311 to inquire about my old apartment and it seems that every time a tenant moved out, the rent went up 100 bucks so someone has my tiny ass apartment that I paid $1,100 on Washington for $1,300 under two years later. And it is really small. 311 was able to trace the rent back as was a commercial tenant in the building who thought I was paying well under a thousand she said the last tenant she could recall living there knowing her rent was paying about $700.


    In the end the city said due to the "improvements" etc it was all up to snuff.
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