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Pinot Noir

Got hooked on Pinot Noir recently and trying to find decent priced ones ($10-$20) to sample and commit to. Used to buy Little Penguin (Aussie) - can never find it anymore. Branched out to Mark West, Rodney Strong, Elk Cove - all good but looking for something that makes my socks roll up and down. Or is such a bargain that I can't NOT get it. SUGGESTIONS????


  • You should try Pepperwood Grove PN. Really good and cost between $6.99 - $10.99 depending on where you buy.
  • Oregon has a boatload of delicious Pinot Noirs!
  • scarlett wrote: Oregon has a boatload of delicious Pinot Noirs!
    The tend to be at least $15 though.

    I have a bottle of Foris Pinot Noir 2006 that I got for $15 (list price is $20). It was recommended to me by someone at Wine Library (where I bought it) but I haven't tried it yet.

    Clone 5 is a good Caifornia pinot noir that gets in a bit under the $20 mark.
  • Pinot under 20 that knocks you out is pretty hard to come by...Then again I'm more of a Syrah guys...

    Here are some solid recommendations:

    Oregon:Check out Illahe, it's new to the NYC market and is made by a friend of a friend at Evesham Wood (also very good). Panther creek is a steal as well.

    California: Cartlidge and Browne makes a pretty solid pinot under $20...Cono and Wyatt are also pretty good.

    Australia: Permutations is very good, especially at the price. Sticks is also good stuff.

    France: If you can find Domaine Jacky Renard from france, it's a pretty killer little bottle.

    New Zealand: Kim Crawford or Babich...
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