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395 ocean avenue?

Looking for some help - just wondering what Brooklyn neighborhood this actually is. Slightly baffled. Anyone know anything about the area?


  • Kensington or Ditmas Park?
  • Border of Flatbush and Propsect Lefferts Gardens. Near the Parade Grounds & south entrance to Prospect Park. Good subway connections. Pretty lively neighborhood, mostly West Indian. Don't live near there myself but always seems nice enough.
  • got a ton of musician friends who live down there-- i think in that very building, even. if not, then 375.
  • I used to live a block away, it is a fantastic (sometimes noisy) neighborhood. Great subway line to be on. I never had any problems the entire time I lived there.

    And yes, is at the border of Leffert's and Flatbush neighborhoods.
  • Thanks everyone! I am pretty psyched about the apartment and being so close to the park. And the Q line gets me to work faster than the 3 ever does. I just need to do some research on what's around the neighborhood now.
  • On Lincoln Road, there is a cute neighborhood coffee shop and an okay Tex.Mex restaurant/bar. I think they just expanded to a bbq place next door as well. On Flatbush, Ali's Roti is great, as is Scoops, across the street (all vegan stuff there). There's okay (not over the moon) sushi on Flatbush that delivers (sushi tatsu).
  • We're going to be neighbors! Hopefully. I'm waiting to hear about an apartment on Woodruff. :D
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