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  • I gather that's some kind of Santeria weirdness. I googled around and found a couple of mentions of it being done, once in the bronx about 10 years ago, another in miami, and another in california that was investigated and found to be part of "...a ritual intended to invoke the help of one or more orishas, or Santeria deities or gods."


    very creepy stuff
  • Several years ago I was supervising a large group of volunteers during a clean-up day in the park. On e small group picking up trash back in the woods found a small shrine with a cross, plastic skeleton, fruit, beads, a hunting knife thrust into the ground and a jumble of bones. We phoned the police who actually came and taped off the area, took bones as evidence, etc.

    I also encountered a straight-up Santeria set-up during another park clean-up in the Bronx -- coconuts, cigars, fruit, candles and dead chickens.

    Basically, with so many cultures in NYC, you're gonna run across this sort of stuff.
  • I used to live around the block from a santeria boutique in Bushwick.

    Probably the oddest window display in five boroughs and every once in a while a white duck would be wandering aorund the boutique, only to be gone without a trace the next day.

    Every weekend the cellar door would be open and upon passing I could see throngs clad in all white gyrating to drum beats and chanting.
  • sterling2000 wrote: coconuts, cigars, fruit, candles and dead chickens.
    Sounds like my take out from Quiznos.
  • maybe Quiznos will debut a beef-tongue sammich.
  • Wonder if this is related to the pig setup that was found by Greenwood Cemetery the other week...

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