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Help Old Brick Obtain a Beer Wine License

Please support Old Brick Cafe Lounge's application to the State Liquor Authority for a beer and wine license by signing the petition at

Old Brick's owners are community-minded. They have been hosting the meetings of the Kensington Area Resident/Merchant Alliance (KARMABrooklyn), and they have fixed up the tree pit in front of the cafe to make it attractive. Old Brick is a good neighbor!

Old Brick is at 507 Church Avenue, between E. 5th Street and Ocean Parkway.

Thank you!


  • i heard it's unlikely this will come through from another customer when there recently because they are across from a school.

    but really it's almost set up more as a bar than as a restaurant and would be quite comfortable and a nice option to get a glass of wine there.

    They really could do some work on the vibe and set up and menu and the food. It's hard to imagine how they are managing.

    Any update on this?
  • Cat, because of their proximity to the school, they can get a beer and wine license but not a liquor license.
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