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M.J. Smith Funeral Home Closing

They are closing, after having served the community since 1875 ..

I wonder if the closing was due to good health.


  • Any additional info. Are they just changing owners? Will it still be a funeral home? Have had several family members pass through that place over the years. Thanks.
  • from what i heard the staff is moving to Jos. Duffy's on 9th st., who i believe is affiliated with Smith's
    It's sad to see them close, as many of my family has used Smith's and had nothing but gratitude for the help and compassion they received in their hour of need.
  • Hamilton, Seems you're right on target. Latest scuttlebutt (from horse's mouth in Smith's) is - (a.) building is for sale (b.) solid buyer is in play (c.)will NOT be a funeral home (d.)will be "retail" ??? on the first floor with apts upstairs.
    Another restaurant perhaps? Any thoughts from anyone?
    PS: You're exactly correct in that the MJ Smith operation is effectively moving to Duffy's on 9th St while maintaining a separate identity.
  • If it becomes a restaurant, it will change from take in, to take out.
  • Sad about this news.

    Man I hope what's coming next is good. We've had some wins and losses lately, and right now we're on a losing streak (Le P'tit Paris, Crappy Tchotchke Place).

    We need a win here.
  • nyco - Not sure if I'll get in trouble for this (redirecting the thread or whatever it's called) but am curious about your negative vibe on the French place. If you Google it, all you see is raves. What's up?
  • it's rare that funeral homes close, i think, because business is pretty consistent
  • Funeral Home Site in South Slope Sells for $1.75M

    Anyone have any additional info as to the buyer and/or what's going into the retail space?
  • I don't know what is going in there, but I think it could be a long time before we find out. Seems like the renovations will probably be pretty extensive.
    I'm definitely really curious though. I hope its something good!
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