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Another Triumph the insult dog clip — Brooklynian

Another Triumph the insult dog clip


  • Subject: Re: Another Triumph the insult dog clip

    Captain Marvelous wrote: At the jackson trial
    uhh, ok.
  • Funny. Even more of a stretch than me posting a link to "Triumph vs the Star Wars Geeks," but funny nonetheless.
  • Ya know, so many liked the other clip so I posted this one, sure its a strech but since theres no seperate area for stuff thats funnier than important so I put it here. My bad.
  • No, I'm glad you posted it. I heard about it in passing the other day and made a mental note to catch Conan (I didn't). If you hadn't posted the link, I probably would have forgotten about it.

    This gives me a good idea for a "sticky" topic in the forum: something like, "Cool stuff that may have nothing to do with Prospect Heights (or maybe does)"
  • I thought "my bad" was verbotten... :x
  • Has anyone seen the "Slipnutz" skit on the Conan NBC website? It is a trip (is that phrase allowed?). Not as funny as Triumph but pretty damn close!