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I just found out that St. Marks Park, where I used to park my car, is closing. That explains why it's been so hard to park recently

They said they lost their lease, but don't know what's going to go in their place. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, anyone know of a cheap lot in the neighborhood?


  • Great there goes my view towards Washington ;-) but seriously I wonder if that lot will be converted to residential? I know they had a lengthy lease from the current owners of the lot but apparently they have other ideas considering all the development along this block. The lot is fairly large and has R6B zoning which I believe is low to midrise residential. It's right near armchair's building as well.

    The funny thing is that the 307 St Marks Ave address doesn't even exist according the the DOB, the lot address is 313-315.
  • St. Johns between Classon and Franklin pretty reasonable.
  • Thanks, TheBurgerking - I'll check them out.

    I just had a chat with Rohan in Nok Auto and he's trying to lease the lot and re-open. I think the RE market is so bad nobody in their right mind would undertake a large building.
  • I think the RE market is so bad nobody in their right mind would undertake a large building.

    You were correct for several years, but are no longer correct.

    After some delays, 76 Unit market rate rental is going to be built.

  • When I spoke to one of the attendants a few weeks ago, he said it would be a while (months, years) before they started construction. Don't know if this is true.

  • So, S3 Architecture will be building out TWO large residential projects on both sides of the (sinkhole known as) St. Marks between Washington and Underhill, a total 120 new high-end residential units on one very short block.

    Given that S3 has such a large roster of "real" projects either built or in the works, most of the DOB docs were filed in the past 30 days (and there's a $16,000 filing fee) - my gut says this one will happen reasonably soon.

    DOB's site says "Development Challenge Process is pending Zoning Approval" - it's an R2 use on an R6B lot. Anyone have insight on whether that's a fight in the works, or a standard new-build process?

  • The parking lot in question began removing hydraulic car lifts this week. For a lot that's routinely packed to the gills, this suggests the condo build is happening sooner rather than later.

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    This post is merely to make this post get more google hits, and easier to find:

    305 St Marks

    307 st marks

    309 st marks

    311 st marks

    313 st marks

    315 St Marks

    317 St Marks
  • Parking lot is empty as of this week.

  • The latest rendering of what will replace the parking lot can be found here:

    They are stating the 76 units will be rentals.

  • Is it me or have they toned down those crazy yellow window surrounds a bit in the new render? I'm all for having some texture, relief and color on a building's street walls. But if I lived there and my westerly view was blocked by a neon yellow fairing, I think I'd sawzall it off in the night.

    Btw a knowledgeable source told me excavation to begin almost immediately. Posting that will likely ensure absolutely nothing will happen on the site for the next two years...just sharing what I heard.

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    Excavation work happening today.



  • "313 St Marks will rise four stories and hold 75 apartments spread across 56,139 square feet of residential space. Units will clock in at a typical size for rentals, with average apartments of 748 square feet. The first floor will have 20 apartments, half of which will have cellar recreation rooms, and the second and third will house 23 and 21 units respectively. There will be 11 larger apartments on the top floor.

    Below ground, the cellar will include 38 parking spots and 38 bike storage spaces, as required by zoning.

    S3 writes on their website that the exterior will be clad in an “innovated corrugated zinc panel facade, with projecting louvers for solar screening at its tall windows.” It’s not the most contextual design, but the building will be a definite improvement on the parking lot that used to occupy the property.

    The development will have several amenities, including a gym, lounge, roof deck, movie screening room, a courtyard behind the building, and a roof deck."
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